Shadowfax Apps

  • Fake Windows 8 - Launcher

    Fake Windows 8 - Launcher




    This is a unique app which lets you experience the “Windows 8 UI” on your Android phone/tablet. For the first time, you can Pin/Unpin apps onto the start screen (of the launcher). The Pin/Unpin feature can be used to customize the launcher to your needs. You can also trick your friends by...

  • Harlem Shake iRingtone

    Harlem Shake iRingtone




    Make your phone do the Harlem Shake when you get a call! Usually, you answer the phone within the first 30 seconds. So, you never get a chance to listen to your Harlem Shake Ringtone beyond 30 seconds. Eventually you get bored listening to the first few seconds over and over again. This App has...

  • APK Searcher

    APK Searcher




    APK Searcher provides a way to search the Google's Indexes to find FREELY DOWNLOADABLE APK files (of Android apps). Uses of the app: - Quickly find the freely downloadable APKs of most Android Apps.

  • Google Index Search

    Google Index Search




    Google Index Search provides a way to search the Google's Indexes to find the file you want. Google periodically indexes files of almost all types, including Mp3s, PDFs, and MKVs. And these indexes are one of the easiest places to quickly find an endless quantity of freely downloadable...

  • Location Stamp

    Location Stamp




    This App helps you realize the wonders you can do with Google Maps. It gives users a whole new level of possibilities. The App provides a simple user friendly interface to make the use of Google Maps much more meaningful and enjoyable. It basically aims at reinventing the way you deal with...

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