Shadowfax Apps

  • Fake Windows 8 - Launcher

    Fake Windows 8 - Launcher




    This is a unique app which lets you experience the “Windows 8 UI” on your Android phone/tablet. For the first time, you can Pin/Unpin apps onto the start screen (of the launcher). The Pin/Unpin feature can be used to customize the launcher to your needs. You can also trick your friends by...

  • Harlem Shake iRingtone

    Harlem Shake iRingtone




    Make your phone do the Harlem Shake when you get a call! Usually, you answer the phone within the first 30 seconds. So, you never get a chance to listen to your Harlem Shake Ringtone beyond 30 seconds. Eventually you get bored listening to the first few seconds over and over again. This App has...

  • APK Searcher

    APK Searcher




    APK Searcher provides a way to search the Google's Indexes to find FREELY DOWNLOADABLE APK files (of Android apps). Uses of the app: - Quickly find the freely downloadable APKs of most Android Apps.

  • Location Stamp

    Location Stamp




    This App helps you realize the wonders you can do with Google Maps. It gives users a whole new level of possibilities. The App provides a simple user friendly interface to make the use of Google Maps much more meaningful and enjoyable. It basically aims at reinventing the way you deal with...

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