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  • Imbolc Live Wallpaper




    Imbolc Live Wallpaper for Android with Brigids Cross and candles. FEATURES: • 3D moving grass and environment • Brigids cross

  • Book of Shadows HD




    WARNING: DO NOT BUY UNLESS YOU HAVE A 7" or 10" Tablet. This HD version is tweaked so all graphics, fonts, & page layouts display with nice detail & Hi res. This is the REAL Book of Shadows Journal for Pagans, not some force fed spell book or religious doctrine made by...

  • The Book of Shadows




    (PHONE VERSION) This is the REAL Book of Shadows Journal for Pagans, not some force fed spell book or religious doctrine made by someone. YOUR spells, herbs, etc. goes in here! Any general Ancient Esoteric info that is important to YOU is what is in this book, because YOU will put it in! It is...

  • Book of Shadows Lite




    Book of Shadows and Light © 2012 presents the Book of Shadows LITE for Droid. Now everyone can have a Book of Shadows on Android at no cost! Only simple ad bar ads to help us make more amazing free stuff! (No Air Push ads) Be sure to upgrade to the Book of Shadows Pro or HD if you want to show...

  • Chakra Frequencies LITE




    These are RAW Hz frequencies for the 7 chakras. They go in 30 second doses so you dont overload your brain! Looping will be included in next update we ran out of time to code it at last minute.(no background music or visuals added, if you want them purchase the PRO or HD version) The Chakra...

  • Agartha - Hollow Earth




    Agartha Hollow Earth app for Android provides you with tons of info and resources for our Inner World. Note this app is currently a BETA, and is in the process of being finalized. Feedback is recommended if you are to use this app. FEATURES: • 3D interactive mode (Many more features in...

  • Lollipop Candyland Wallpaper


    Lollipop Candyland in full 3D and HD. Experience an overload of sweets on your home screen. Sure to cure any sweet tooth you may have! FEATURES/SETTINGS: • Full 3D candy land featuring Android desserts • 4 Main areas for now: Mount Choco, Sugar Hills, Lollipop hills, and brown sugar sands • You...

  • Yule Live Wallpaper


    The Yule LWP for Android has exquisite ornaments, and many Yule items. Refer to screenshots and features for more info. FEATURES: • Fully animated Yule objects in 3D • Spinning glittery ornaments • 2 custom Backgrounds to choose from • Animated snow that can be turned on • Glow can be toggled •...

  • Treasure Chest LWP DEMO




    Treasure Chest Live Wallpaper for Android. A hidden treasure trove awaits you! If you would like to upgrade to the paid version click HERE: FEATURES/SETTINGS(PAID VERSION ONLY): - Animated chest - jewels/coins come out...

  • Pagan Live Wallpaper




    Pagan Live Wallpaper for Android provides the best Pagan symbol customization on your home screen. Choose from MANY Pagan symbols and backgrounds to name the least. FEATURES/SETTINGS: • 15 Paganism Centerpieces to choose from (more in time) • 11 Backgrounds (more in time) • Multiple 3D effects...

  • Grey Alien Head Wallpaper


    Everyone knows about the greys, so why not have the Zeta Reticulan grey alien on your home screen as a live wallpaper! FEATURES: • 11 Head colors • 10 eye colors • 6 Backgrounds to choose from • 6 Background glow colors • More features will be added after more downloads.

  • Book of Shadows Samhain




    WARNING: This is not a stand alone app, it is a plugin for The Official Book of Shadows for Android: The Book of Shadows Samhain Edition! This expansion to the Book of Shadows is to be used for your Samhain rituals, or all...

  • Hollow Earth Wallpaper


    The Hollow Earth Live Wallpaper provides the famous Agartha map in full custom 3D. *NOTE: By purchasing this live wallpaper you are helping support development on the free AGARTHA APP for Android. FEATURES / SETTINGS: • Fully detailed Agartha Map in 3D • Entrance Caves • Entrance Text/Info •...

  • Spirit Wood - Samhain LWP




    Everyone needs a new Halloween Live Wallpaper! Introducing Samhain Live Wallpaper featuring spooky trees deep in the spirit wood! FEATURES: • Animated Trees, faces too • Animated Candles • Animated Ground fog • Animated spider • Deep spanning forest in background • Zoom in, up close camera •...

  • Airship HD Live Wallpaper


    Airship 3D Live wallpaper in HD has your airship steampunk needs covered with full 3D interactivity for your airship. FEATURES: - 3D Animated airship - Cannons that fire (On Touch) - Dynamic clouds that move - Sound effects: Airship engine ( can be toggled off) - Multiple cameras to choose...

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