• Let Perfume Talk by MANE




    What’s your mood today? Sexy, Alive, Zen, Natural, Rebellious, Happy, In Love… Express your emotions with Let Perfume Talk by MANE! Emotions and memories are at the heart of MANE’s creators to design visionary perfumes. Through the digital experience Let Perfume Talk, MANE invites you to travel...

  • MyFav




    Avec MyFav, vous répertoriez toutes vos adresses favorites de resto, bar et club. Connecté à vos amis, vous faites confiance à votre entourage et vous découvrez de nouvelles adresses partout en France et dans le monde.  Restez informé des plats du jour, happy hours, line-up et autres événements...

  • Find Your Essence by MANE




    Created by MANE, the first French group and one of the world’s leading companies in the creation of fragrances and flavours, Find Your Essence focuses essentially on natural ingredients that will speak to both perfume lovers and connoisseurs as well as neophytes who would like to try their hand...

  • Visit Biot




    The tourist office of Biot, one of the most beautiful villages on the Côte d’Azur, will from now on offer to assist its visitors with a free application. This of course is only natural for a place that is in the heart of 'Sophia Antipolis', a known breeding ground for technological...

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