• Portable Wifi hotspot Free

    Portable Wifi hotspot Free


    Portable Wifi hotspot Free To embed Bluetooth with Wifi hotspot app for easy portable this can save steps, tools, shortcuts and the traditional operation. Features: * Tethering phone (Wifi hotspot) of embedded wifi. * Wifi Internet sharing connection to other devices * Call the Bluetooth settings...

  • free vpn proxy

    free vpn proxy




    free vpn proxy : You can connect the device connection maximum security protection, VPN Internet VPN is hidden in the shortest space limit access to the Web site. Data protection, security can do a lot of things that can make the public Wi-Fi network for your browsing activity. Beside specific...

  • Call Recorder

    Call Recorder




    Call Recorder can be a title, how to share and manage your saved backup-plus on the PC or laptop to your App in the background, you can easily manage the App via the widget screen. AAC format and quality to tooth EST. m-am if you want to spare some space on the memory card. The basic purpose of...

  • video locker hide videos

    video locker hide videos




    video locker hide videos It is the easiest way to create a safe in your store and you only have access to essential. To protect your video equipment warranty if you browse a photo album or video galleries mineral show with family and friends on your phone. Features: List-apps with a password...

  • ram booster and cleaner

    ram booster and cleaner


    ram booster and cleaner As a high-quality tools and free RAM memory to speed up apps that want to. Booster app and games Let RAM adding memory improves performance of other apps and games, because it is a big shame and this frame rate accelerate better and provide a smooth game play. Memory...

  • Easy Video Editor

    Easy Video Editor


    Easy Video Editor Is a unique program that can take photos and video apps. Edit photos and videos, magazines, mostly stage only. Friends can share your video. You can use the history and memories of love for you to edit the nostalgic photos and videos in the nature, where you can. Video editing...

  • Free Video Call

    Free Video Call


    Free Video Call app, videos, etc. Additional services, like attracting users in short time In a short period of time, over 100 million people participate in this forum. A good choice for a phone call from your android device. If you use a mail service in the work of a colleague. Friends and...

  • flash player for online videos

    flash player for online videos




    flash player for online videos. : The new device does not get Flash from mark now is how to install it manually here. From today is available on the marked end of the new Flash Player for some cheat is not lack of Android and Flash in other words, if you don't send it in Flash. Requires...

  • Screenshot Capture Easy

    Screenshot Capture Easy


    Screenshot Capture Easy The roots prove that the device screen capture app work to set up and easy to use capture mad too. Is an application that you can use the screen of your mobile phone on the screen. This application works on many mobile phones. A valid path. It contains the root device....

  • Free Video Calling & Chat

    Free Video Calling & Chat




    Free Video Calling & Chat : The society is able to connect to the messaging service of rare earth elements – and enjoy some of the most important ones for you. Send video and audio for calls, share photos, new friends to meet, and more specifically music message delivery. An application to...

  • ram cleaner auto

    ram cleaner auto




    ram cleaner auto Clear the memory RAM app phone. You can clear an application only the selected user memory. That is not to kill, but there are no guns or any other apps or services not only that this time. The results of your RAM clean. Rinse clean RAM memory, memory usage and speed up your...

  • Music Volume Equalizer 

    Music Volume Equalizer 




    Music Volume Equalizer : You can optimize the audio coming from the phone to adjust the level of sound and music, or of you. Channel Equalizer bass mix music. Musical instruments, sound, height and maximum output level of the vocals for the type. Your music in your creativity, you can enjoy a...

  • music video makers

    music video makers




    music video makers Beautiful Professional-quality videos from your camera roll. Select the section of your favorite photos and video clips in an interesting mixture of style one. Choose from the many soundtracks music library. There are videos for sharing with everyone now. Picture perfect songs...

  • Faster Internet Booster

    Faster Internet Booster




    Faster Internet Booster For mobile Internet performance tools add Android smartphones and tablets to improve Internet speed and download time creating this app, you can improve network connectivity and disconnected from the network and attempt to connect again. It can provide a powerful network...

  • Music Equalizer

    Music Equalizer


    Music Equalizer or your mobile phone, you can adjust the level of the audio will be. The application depends on the music channel channel category, create an application or an application's custom control 5 bands quickly. Add audio effects that are supported include: base station VIRTUALIZER...

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