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Maths Integration Formulas

This contains Useful Mathematics Integration Formulas.Acts as a ready reference for anyone. 1. Common Integrals (i)Indefinite Integral (ii)Integrals of Rational and Irrational Functions (iii)Integrals of Trigonometric Functions (iv)Integrals of Exponential and Logarithmic Functions 2. Integrals of Rational Functions (i)Integrals involving ax + b (i…

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Download Maths Differentiation Formulas Maths Differentiation Formulas icon
Maths Differentiation Formulas

The following differentiation formulas are included in this application. 1) Derivative definition. 2) Basic Properties. 3) Mean Value Theorem. 4) Product Rule 5) Quotient Rule 6) Power Rule 7) Chain Rule 8) Limit Evaluation Method - Factor and Cancel 9) L'Hospital's Rule 10) Common Derivatives 11) Chain Rule and Other Examples 12) Properti…

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Download Useful CAT Quant Formulas Useful CAT Quant Formulas icon
Useful CAT Quant Formulas

CAT Quantitative Formulas (Ready Reference) This Formulas Collection is useful for MBA Exams such as Common Aptitude Test (CAT - IIM), Management Aptitude Test (MAT), Xavier Admission Test (XAT) and other MBA exams (JMET,ATMA,SNAP,NMAT,IIFT,FMS) This will also be useful for GRE, GMAT, SAT, IIT JEE, AIEEE, etc. This includes List of Squares List…

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Download Useful Physics Formulas Useful Physics Formulas icon
Useful Physics Formulas

This app is a preview of the final app and currently includes only the following Topics Kinematics -Motion in One Dimension -Motion in Two Dimension -Motion in Three Dimension -Projectile Motion -Uniform Circular Motion -Relative Velocity Definition -Relative Velocity One Dimension -Relative Velocity Two Dimension -Relative Velocity Three Dimension…

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Download Useful Maths Formulas Useful Maths Formulas icon
Useful Maths Formulas

This App lists some of the useful maths formulas that serve as a quick reference. This includes List of Squares List of Cubes List of Percentages, Fractions, Decimals Logarithms Quadratic Equations Geometry Trigonometry Area and Perimeter of Circle, Square, Rectangles, Parallelogram, Ring, Sector, Trapezoid, Equilateral Triangle Volume and Surface…

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Download Fun Improve your Maths Game Fun Improve your Maths Game icon
Fun Improve your Maths Game

Fun Improve your Mathematics Game This game has three difficulties - Easy, Medium, Hard Two modes - Practice, Competition. And 5 different options- 1)Addition 2)Subtraction 3)Multiplication 4)Division 5)All 4 combined Apart from providing for general fun this game will be useful for anyone who wishes to improve their calculation speed for MBA Exa…

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Download Git Commands / Cheat Sheet Git Commands / Cheat Sheet icon
Git Commands / Cheat Sheet

A list of GIT commands which you can filter based on text entered. Let me know if anything can be improved or if you find any mistake.

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Download Best Length Converter Best Length Converter icon
Best Length Converter

This length converter is the most exhaustive length converter in the android market. It converts among all the following units. SI Units Yottametre Zettametre Exametre Petametre Terametre Gigametre Megametre Kilometre Hectometre Decametre Metre Decimetre Centimetre Millimetre Micrometre Nanometre Picometre Femtometre Attometre Zeptometre Yoctometr…

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Download Maths Times Tables Game Maths Times Tables Game icon
Maths Times Tables Game

This is a simple app that helps you practice your times tables. You would become a champion at it in no time. Key Words : Multiplication Practice Multiplication Practise Times Table Practice Mathematics Maths Math Arithmetic MBA Exams Common Aptitude Test CAT - IIM Management Aptitude Test MAT Xavier Admission Test XAT JMET ATMA SNAP NMA…

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Download Best Temperature Converter Best Temperature Converter icon
Best Temperature Converter

This temperature converter is the most exhaustive temperature converter in the android market. It converts among all the following units. 1)Celsius 2)Fahrenheit 3)Kelvin 4)Rankine 5)Delisle 6)Newton 7)Réaumur 8)Rømer

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