• Birthday Secrets




    What your Birthday Reveals About You and Your Birthday. Your Date of Birth, Day of Birth, No of Days you lived, Age, Your Lucky Number,Your Primary Path, Your Life Path, Your Western Zodiac Symbol / Sign, Your Chinese Zodiac Symbol / Sign, Your Birthday Color, Your Birthday Tree, Your...

  • LOVE Readings




    Love Percentage, Match Percentage, Flames, Chinese Comparison, Western Zodiac Comparison, Elements Comparison

  • Saduragiri (Tamil)




    Sathuragiri Hills or Chathuragiri otherwise known as ' SUNDARA MAHALINGAM ' is situated 10 km from Watrap (Wathirairuppu) near Srivilliputhur. Another meaning of Saduragiri is that the whole mountain is in square (Chathuram) in shape so the name Chathuragiri. Sathuragiri is the Abode of...

  • Islamic Quotes




    As the initial Step, I have created an app that consists of the collection of Islamic Quotes. Based on the response, i will keep updating. If you come across any Quotes, please let me know. Thanks in Advance.

  • Navagrahas




    In Hindu Mythology it is believed that the Nine planets decide the fate of every Human. So here is the consolidation of Each Planet according to Hindu Mythology and Astrology in Tamil Language and in English

  • Sithars




    E-Book about Sithars in English and Tamil Siddhars (Tamil: சித்தர்) are saints in India. There are 18 Sidhars and all the informations are not properly consolidated or put together in an organized way. I tried (still am adding additional details) to put everything that I have, collect from...

  • Tuffy Teach




    Note : Tuffy Teach is only for TamilNadu SSLC Samacheer English Medium Students. Tamil medium students for now can take exams in ENGLISH and TAMIL subjects Tuffy Teach is specially designed for TamilNadu SSLC Samacheer English Medium Students who are going to take the board exams. This app will...

  • Alwars




    பகவானின் குணங்களில் ஆழ்ந்து ஈடுபடுபவர்களை ஆழ்வார்கள் என்று கூறுவர். இவர்களை நாராயணின் அம்சம் என்று கூறுவர். Alvar means one who is "immersed" in the experience of God. The Alvars are the twelve Vaisnava saints of South India. There are twelve alwars and these twelve Azhwars are...

  • Bodhidharma in English




    Bodhidharma who is know as Da Mo in China and Taishi Daruma in Japan was a great buddhist who teached many good things to the human society. Every one should respect and honour his for his works towards us. I bow my respect to this great person and prepared this. If you like this please give...

  • Hinduism (Tamil)




    Hinduism is a great religion. Hinduism doesn't restrict any one to follow any customs and it depends upon the will and wish of the followers. The customs followed by the followers are misunderstood by others as foolishness.

  • Nayanmars




    While developing the Sithars application I received many requests to develop Nayanmars App for the users who downloaded the sithars App. The outcome of their request is this Nayanmars Application in both Tamil and English. Nayanmars app is just a startup and I am still working to fill the gaps in...

  • Kalvanin Kadhali




    I am a great fan of Kalki. So I created this கள்வனின் காதலி app for the android mobile users. If you like it please rate this app. if you find any issues, let me know. I will try to fix ASAP.

  • Purananooru




    When I published my Thirukural app in play store one of the user asked me to provide purananooru. So I am doing this based on his advice.

  • Vivekananda Quotes




    My Consolidation of Vivekananda Quotes as Ebook

  • Timezonemate




    This application will provide the current time in different time zones. Some of the times available are Central Standard Time (CST), Pacific Standard Time (PST), Eastern Standard Time (EST), Mountain Standard Time (MST),Indian Standard Time IST etc.,

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