Shawn Herrin

  • Zombie Apocalypse Communicator




    (Tell us how we can make it better! Finally! Top scientists have made a zombie communication breakthrough*! Studies have found that certain vocalizations are understood by the undead and have been proven to communicate with Zombies*. The question is, are you...

  • The Mustache Man




    Super sleuth? Need a disguise? change your look in seconds with over 30 different mustaches. Change your mustache like you change your socks! (or even more often as I have heard stories about your socks) This collection of over 40 mustaches allows you to have a dashing new look each day of the...

  • Pet My Dinosaur




    Top 10 best seller on the Amazon app store! (kids) Join us on this virtual safari! Go back in time and pet a virtual dinosaur! In this captivating app you get a chance to pet a dinosaur and hear it roar, squawk or even growl. You become a paleontologist and learn amazing facts and bits of...

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