• Drawing Magic




    Magic show on your phone's screen! Draw anything you like on the phone's screen. Then the app will magically display what you have drawn. You can use this app to express love, amuse kids or play prank on friends. Just free your imagination and see what you can do with this app!

  • Fingerprint On Screen




    This is a funny app that can make fingerprints on your screen. You can touch anywhere on the screen and then a fingerprint will form at that position. The longer time you hold your finger on the screen, the clearer the fingerprint will be. You can use it to make a prank to your friends! Caution:...

  • Phone Scream Prank




    If you like "crack screen" or "scare prank", you cannot miss this app either. Use this app to fool or scare others. After starting the app, whenever you touch the phone screen, the phone will scream crazily and it will keep screaming until you lift up your fingers. Various...

  • Sound Emulator




    This app can emulate various kinds of sound such as baby cry,cough,fly,whistle,hiccup and so on. Select one of these sounds and then click on the gramophone to play it. You can use the app to fool your friends or just play for fun! This is a totally free app with ads: shortcut icon on your home...

  • Breath Analyzer




    Turn your phone into a bad breath indicator and an alcohol meter! This funny app can pretend to analyze the composition of your breath. The operation is simple: Press the "Start" button and then blow into the Mic. After a few seconds, your phone will display the result like "Too...

  • Fingerprint Detector




    Use Fingerprint Detector to detect fingerprints recently left on your phone's screen! Want to know whether there are fingerprints on your phone's screen? Want to know where are the fingerprints and what they look like? Fingerprint Detector will help you find answers. After you click the...

  • Money Detector




    Use this funny app to detect fake money! The operation is simple: just click the "camera" button on the bottom to take a picture of the money. Then the app will pretend to analyse the money and show the result after a few seconds. You can click the "camera" button again to...

  • Puzzle Ball




    Puzzle Ball is a simple but interesting and addictive puzzle game. If you like tricky puzzles, solving challenging problems and games such as "Amazing Alex", "Crazy Machines" and "Unblock Me", or you just want to kill time , then you can't miss this game! A ball...

  • Find The Same




    Do you have a pair of keen eyes? The rule is simple : find two same objects from twenty similar items. In each level, you should find at least 10 pairs to unlock next item. After you have unlocked all the items,you can play the challenge mode. In challenge mode,you have only 3 minutes,but each...

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