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Fingerprint On Screen

This is a funny app that can make fingerprints on your screen. You can...

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Download Fingerprint Detector Fingerprint Detector icon

Fingerprint Detector

Use Fingerprint Detector to detect fingerprints recently left on your...

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Download Money Detector Money Detector icon

Money Detector

Use this funny app to detect fake money! The operation is simple: just...

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Download Find The Same Find The Same icon

Find The Same

Do you have a pair of keen eyes? The rule is simple : find two same ob...

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Download Drawing Magic Drawing Magic icon

Drawing Magic

Magic show on your phone's screen! Draw anything you like on the p...

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Download Breath Analyzer Breath Analyzer icon

Breath Analyzer

Turn your phone into a bad breath indicator and an alcohol meter! This...

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Sound Emulator

This app can emulate various kinds of sound such as baby cry,cough,fly...

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Puzzle Ball

Puzzle Ball is a simple but interesting and addictive puzzle game. If...

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