• My Speed Meter




    We have come up with an ad-free version of the My Speed Meter - Lite. Please use the link below to download the ad-free version. Turn your Android device into a Speedometer. Check the speed of the vehicles in which you...

  • EMF Detector & Metal Detector




    Please download Pro/ads free version of the app from below link.. Friends this free app is ad supported and may contain ads in the notification tray and/or home screen. Do not limit the use of your Android device for the...

  • Wifi File Transfer




    Tired of using USB cable to transfer files to your sdcard from your PC..... You have this problem, we have a solution..... Note: For this application to work both the mobile and the PC should be wifi enabled. Procedure 1. Turn on the wifi connection of your phone 2. Open the application 3. Wait...

  • My Travel Meter




    Have you ever felt the need to keep track of your travel.... If your answer is "YES" then you are at the right place. My Travel Meter is a GPS based application that keeps track of your travel. The application displays a SpeedOMeter with different parameters viz. Distance, Altitude, Max...

  • Hide SMS




    Ever wanted to keep your messages safe.... Worried about your messages being read by others.... Here's an optimum solution for all of you.. This application hides your personal text messages from all the peepers. If a number is selected then both the incoming and outgoing messages would be...

  • Scare your Friends




    Friends this free app is ad supported and may contain ads in the notification tray and/or home screen. Do you want to scare your friends? This application is a mind reader prank application that can read your mind and show your girlfriend/boyfriend's image... just answer some simple...

  • My Distance Meter




    T0 try ad-free version of this app click on below link: Friends this free app is ad supported and may contain ads in the notification tray and/or home screen. Have you ever thought of finding out the distance...

  • Clock Watermark




    This application simply displays a digital clock as a watermarked text on your phone... The clock will appear throughout irrespective of the application that you are running i.e. It will appear on top of the other applications.... Enjoy In case of any queries please do write to us at...

  • Phone Secure Watermark




    Have you ever thought of having your identity on your mobile phone? If yes then here's an opportunity... This application helps you add a watermark to your phone. The applied watermark could be seen even if you open other applications... Thus it behaves as an actual watermark.... This will...

  • Voice Recorder




    Please download the pro/ads free version of this app from the link given below: This application is a simple voice recorder that can be used to record voices...... The application has only a widget with two buttons......

  • Ghost Detector




    Do you think that you are surrounded by supernatural spirits? Do you hear noises that others can't? Do you want to prove your point to everyone? Then take another moment to download this application.... Generally the presence of supernatural spirits is indicated by the presence of energy in...

  • Tiny All Time Visible Camera




    Third Eye is an application that presents the camera preview permanently on the mobile screen irrespective of the type of application that you are running. Click the start button to display the preview screen on the mobile. This screen stays on top of every application till you press the stop...

  • Sunrise Live Wallpaper




    Sunrise Live Wallpaper. A person dreams to see a beautiful sunrise when they wakeup.... This livewallpaper displays a foggy morning that everyone wants to see when they wakeup.... View the birds flying through the sky and across the horizon.... Enjoy the foggy morning with this wallpaper This...

  • Hide Photos




    Did you ever wanted to keep your photos safely from snooping friends... If yes then here's a great opportunity for you. The Hide Photos application hides the selected image files safely for you. This application is presented as a Brightness Manager wherein you can change the brightness of the...

  • My Sound Meter




    Turn your smartphone into sound meter. Measure the volume of sounds using your smartphone! Use your smartphone to measure the volume of music, noise or any sound and you want in decibels (dB). It get the sound from microphone and shows in decibels. Note: Due to microphone limitations on...

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