• Simple TicTacToe




    Who doesn't love a game of tic-tac-toe? Easy to play and hours of fun. This simple game app takes up very little space on your Android device. - 1 Player(against CPU) - 2 Player - Sound/Vibration/Fullscreen - 7 different colors and 5 different backgrounds selectable - very small Filesize...

  • Solitaire Classics




    Play Solitaire, Freecell, Spider or FortyThieves. All in one App. This version of Solitaire needs very little space on your Android device. Features: - 4 Variations of Solitair - simple user interface - game autosave - fullscreen mode toggle - resourcesaving graphics - little filesize - etc.....

  • Tic Tac Toe PINK/BLACK FREE!




    Simple TicTacToe Game. Needs very little space on the smartphone. PINK/BLACK BACKGROUND Easy to play. FREE! - 1 Player(against CPU) or 2 Player - Sound/Vibration tags: tic tac toe, puzzle, easy game, tictactoe, shizzwizzle, simple game, pink, magenta

  • Bubbles Classic




    Classic Bubbles game, exciting to play and with different random backgrounds. This App needs little space on your android device and is easy to play. Clear all the bubbles on the screen to level up. Try to solve all 100 levels. More levels will added constantly with the next updates! tags:...

  • CHESS Classic




    Play CHESS Classic for FREE. Very strong A.I. in expert mode! Try to beat the CPU or play against a friend. This game allows you to rotate the pieces in 2 player mode. You can use your mobile (or Tablet) like a real chess board! - 1 Player - 2 Player - 4 difficulty levels - very responsive...

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