Download aMAZE CLASSIC - Maze Escape aMAZE CLASSIC - Maze Escape icon
aMAZE CLASSIC - Maze Escape

You are lost in the middle of woods. Can you find the way-out from bunch of the mazes over 100? Just 5 minutes. Your way-out from all same daily routines to the woods !! You challenger, try your best. This will be your the most extreme maze ever. It is getting bigger and more complicated as you clear the stages ! You are the maze master once you…

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Download The Days - DDay Calendar The Days - DDay Calendar icon
The Days - DDay Calendar

Simply manage and arrange your anniversaries! This is a widget-based anniversary calendar program which removed unnecessary functions. Your special days can be easily forgotten mixed with other schedules in your general calendar program. You wanna avoid the trouble happening after forgotten anniversaries? This simple anniversary management progr…

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Download for your Brain - Abaque Lite for your Brain - Abaque Lite icon
for your Brain - Abaque Lite

It includes a simple calculator with essential functions and educational games to enhance your mental arithmetic. You must have been often embarrassed by miscalculating your changes and failing to multiply or divide correctly. Also, you must have been ruined your math tests even though you perfectly knew about formulas, just because you made small…

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Download Find Lucky Clover Find Lucky Clover icon
Find Lucky Clover

Get your lucky clover everyday~! ★ Live Wallpaper Function has been newly added. ★ Now you can save your wallpaper with full of clovers. Find your lucky clover among the full screen of clovers. There is only one lucky clover in one screen. Don’t be too ambitious, start with an easy level. You might end up throwing your cell phone away after exces…

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Download Porok Porok icon

Easy to grasp yet challenging for your reflexes - simple but infinitely addictive! * “Porok” is a Korean onomatopoeia for popping bubbles. In each stage there is a bubble – “Porok” - surrounded by a protective shield. Make the Porok collide with other bubbles of the same color to move on to the next stage. Collide three times with different color…

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Download MagicBrush - Aquarium [Free] MagicBrush - Aquarium [Free] icon
MagicBrush - Aquarium [Free]

This is a free trial version with limited functions. Educational coloring application! The fish becomes alive with various colors! A perfect present for kids! The fish you colored becomes alive and starts swimming. Aren’t you tired of ordinary coloring book? Try the Magic Brush. The fish dressed with your choice of color becomes alive and start…

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Download [Free] Contacting Tree [Free] Contacting Tree icon
[Free] Contacting Tree

“Contacting Tree” feeds on phone calls and short messages. A tree with bare branches fully blooms with flowers, leaves, and fruit when you contact your friends and family. You can make trees by saving one or more phone numbers. The trees are waiting for contacts from or to your friends and family. The trees with bare branches are getting leafy and…

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Download Heuristics - Alert Your Brain Heuristics - Alert Your Brain icon
Heuristics - Alert Your Brain

All right, It’s time to put the amazing puzzle together in here! The best puzzle game, ‘Heuristics’ wants to meet Puzzle-holic like you. At the moment when you finally solve this one, the feeling of success may be enough to knock you out. If you are attracted to the most exclusive puzzle ’‘Heuristics’, Just do it, right now! Welcome to Heuristic…

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Download ★ Jay's Closet - Free Jewels ★ Jay's Closet - Free Jewels icon
★ Jay's Closet - Free Jewels

10 years after the residents of Grand Central Station’s locker C18 moved to Jay’s locker, he moves them again to his own closet. Increased population, caused from addiction to adult contents, did not allow them to stay in cramped locker any longer. ----- continue ... If you loved diamend or jewels style games (Bejeweled, Jewellust, Jewels, ZOOKEE…

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Download Alert Your Brain - Abaque9 Alert Your Brain - Abaque9 icon
Alert Your Brain - Abaque9

Widely loved by many users, Abaque 9 is a mini-game that has been optimized from the game engine of Abaque for multiplication. Application of the OpenFeint ranking system enables you to contest your skills with users worldwide. We’ve created the best addictiveness to a boring multiplication with combination of shooting game and puzzle game element…

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