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  • Joseph Campbell Quotes

    Joseph Campbell Quotes




    Quotes from Joseph John Campbell, an American mythologist, writer and lecturer, best known for his work in comparative mythology and comparative religion. His work is vast, covering many aspects of the human experience. His philosophy is often summarized by his phrase: "Follow your...

  • Treasure Tester

    Treasure Tester




    Treasure Tester gives you ALL the information you need to sell a product on Amazon - Just scan the bar code. Profit from selling items with this functional app! Benefits of Treasure Tester: - Completely unlimited and free, use it as much as you want. - Straight to the point: profit. - Now you...

  • Al Pacino Quotes

    Al Pacino Quotes




    Interesting and business savvy Al Pacino quotes. Learn from his life and get quotes from his famous movies. Such as, his quotes from the movie Scarface. All the Al Pacino fans should download this app! Guns, weapons, mafia, action, fight, Italy, Italian, cars, famous movie, family, money,...

  • Aaliyah Quotes

    Aaliyah Quotes




    Quotes from the one and only Aaliyah herself. From her life experiences. Learn about Aaliyah and get inspired from her motivational and interesting quotes. Aaliyah quotes rnb singer pop star dance music hip hop celebrity famous RIP Aaliyah songs style motivation inspiration courage wisdom...

  • Pope John Paul II Quotes

    Pope John Paul II Quotes




    Quotations of The Venerable Pope John Paul II. "One of the most influential leaders of the 20th century." Keywords: religions christianity christian catolisism catholic quotes

  • Coco Chanel Quotes

    Coco Chanel Quotes




    Interesting and inspiring Coco Chanel quotes from the fashionable lady herself. Great quotes for anyone that is into design, fashion, and business! Coco Chanel is very stylish. Some of her quotes are very fun and some are very deep. Coco Chanel, quotes, fashion, design, Chanel, jewelry, shoes,...

  • Drake Quotes

    Drake Quotes




    Drake is a Canadian recording artist/actor. One of the leaders in music currently and is signed under Lil Wayne. Learn about his thinking on success and where the industry should be at this point. He is original and definitely very creative. You can send these quotes to friends, suggest new ones...

  • Short Quotes

    Short Quotes




    Need to succeed? These quotes will do it in speed!…Over 100 Short Quotes!…Oh Giggity…Check it out! Quotes Short Short Quotes Inspiration Succeed happy love confidence courage honesty integrity intelligence smart beauty friendship time proverbs, fun, funny sad laugh kind strong life cute....

  • Basketball Quotes

    Basketball Quotes




    Get real quotes from some of your favorite players in the league! You can favorite them, and send them to friends. These quotes are perfect for anyone, pro or novice of the NBA. kw: NBA basketball sports athlete hoop quotes ball quotes jason kidd kevin johnson allen iverson shaq kareem abdul...

  • Beauty Quotes

    Beauty Quotes




    This app is designed to teach and help everyone about their true beauty. You will read a quote a day and feel beautiful and happy throughout the whole entire day. We all need to read beauty quotes. These quotes will make you look at yourself and others in a deeper more meaningful way.

  • Feminist Quotes

    Feminist Quotes




    Inspirational and motivational quotations about feminism and amazing women. Turn to these quotes for strength and support. If you're a feminist out there, then these are for you. Save or share your favorites and suggest new ones. KWs: feminism feminist women positive inspirational female...

  • Vince Lombardi Quotes

    Vince Lombardi Quotes




    Includes all the famous quotes of Vince Lombardi! Vince Lombardi has quotes about true winners, measure of a person, leadership, and inspiration. kw: Vince Lombardi football sports quote winning inspiration motivation success green bay packers Wisconsin nfl national football league happiness...

  • Eminem Quotes

    Eminem Quotes




    Eminem is one of the greatest rappers of all time. Learn about Eminem through a collection of his own words. Check out his journey to greatness. You can save your favorites and suggest new quotes KW: eminem rap hip hop slim shady quotes (permission is for ads)

  • Rihanna Quotes

    Rihanna Quotes




    Rihanna! One of the greatest American singers ever. In 2005, Rihanna released her debut studio album, Music of the Sun, which peaked in the top ten of the Billboard 200 chart and features the Billboard Hot 100 top five hit single "Pon de Replay". In less than a year, she released her...

  • George S. Patton Quotes

    George S. Patton Quotes




    Insightful and interesting quotes from one of the greatest Americans ever - George S. Patton. His leadership, devotion, and wisdom are extraordinary. George S. Patton's quotes can motivate, inspire, and enthuse. Keywords: General George Smith Patton Jr War Quotes World War II 2 Leader...

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