ShortCut Studio

  • Pump Puffer




    Test your endurance in this hard proof! This puffer is stupid and he is trying to eat an air pump, enjoy yourself until the final explosion! But don't think it's easy, puffers are tough! You can also play with a friend in split-screen mode, who has the fastest finger?

  • Puffers




    They're back, this time are much more, and they want revenge! Challenge yourself against a puffers horde, tap without mercy all the puffers you can see! Create colorcombos with the puffers, but pay attention to the black one! Are you a good PUFFER HUNTER? Can you resist to the big horde?

  • 7.0

    Speedy Cups Free




    Speedy Cups is "follow the lady" game in which you have to guess where's the ball

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