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  • Epidemia




    Epidemia es un juego de estrategia de ritmo rápido, donde su trabajo es eliminar a la población mundial con un virus que desarrolas con diferentes sintomas, resistencia, y attributos. Arrastre la barra de estado para adelantar su destrucción, y ver el caos que se desarrollan a partir de un...

  • Epidemic




    Epidemic is a fun and fast-paced strategy game where you are tasked to eliminate the world population with a deadly virus infection. Drag the status drawer from the top to fast forward your destruction, and watch the chaos unfold from a real-time news feed. Based on the smash-hit flash game...

  • Scrambled Jpeggs




    Scrambled Jpeggs is a fun, exciting and addicting image jigsaw puzzle game, where you are challenged to rebuild scrambled images. Just click and drag segments of the image to make the picture perfect! Based on the Focus-Point sub-game of the '90's game by Microsoft -- Pandora's box....

  • LSD Simulator




    Ever wondered what it's like to hallucinate, but didn't want to take dangerous drugs or get horribly sick? Now you can experience some of the effects of LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamide a.k.a "Acid") using only your Android Phone! The LSD Simulator (or Hallucination Simulator...

  • Pray For Me




    PrayForMe for android is an app that able to use the complex hardware found in most smartphones today to establish a direct communication line with God, and pray at a speed exponentially faster than a human. Now, your prayer time can be much shorter. Since this app can pray at such higher...

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