• Virus Scanner

    Virus Scanner




    A mobile virus is malicious software that targets mobile phones or wireless-enabled Personal digital assistants (PDA), by causing the collapse of the system and loss or leakage of confidential information. As wireless phones and PDA networks have become more and more common and have grown in...

  • RAM Booster Free

    RAM Booster Free




    RAM Booster is the best application to boost up your android mobile RAM. RAM Booster application clean up your device RAM in actual, and not like then other application. RAM Booster promises to free all the garbage app in you phone or device RAM, RAM Booster clean up RAM surprisingly to give...

  • Cache Clear

    Cache Clear


    Cache Clear is definitely an android system tool which could clean useless application cache files ,it might save your valuable phone disk space making your phone accelerate. Application Cache Files are temporary files produced by programs. For instance, when browser go to a web site, it'll...

  • Mobile Tracker

    Mobile Tracker


    Mobile tracker is important if you have a habit of often misplacing your phone in the most unlikely places. Download the Mobile Tracker app and find out in detail how and where your mobile has landed in trouble. Android Mobile can be Tracked after it get lost. When the Android phone get...

  • Increase Sound and Volume

    Increase Sound and Volume




    Do you want to listen to your favorite music with High Quality Stereo System? Do you want your cool media system fit into your pocket? Increase volume and sound. The best volume booster in the store. 100% Free app. With our app you can increase the sound and volume of all your system with a...

  • Universal Remote Control TV

    Universal Remote Control TV




    The Universal Remote need the mRemote Transmiter support, The mRemote Transmiter is a WIFI receiving device, it can receive IrCode form phone or tablet , and then sent infrared signals to TV ,Cable box ,DVD, amplifier and so on! Universal Remote use WIFI communication, It can support MOTO,...

  • Recover Lost Files

    Recover Lost Files


    Recover Lost Files When a file is deleted the files are marked as deleted, however it is not removed from the hard drive. Assuming no other file has overwritten the deleted file on the hard drive a recovery app can be used to recover deleted files. Below is a list of free file recovery app that...

  • Translate All Language

    Translate All Language


    You need a Translator for your mobile? This app is Translate all. Our translation tools online service to help you get the best translation services on the Internet. You just select which language of origin and destination and feel free to type your words and then it will detect your...

  • Photo Effects (FX)

    Photo Effects (FX)




    Photo Effects create unique and awesome cool effects for your photos and share them with friends and family using any photo sharing application or expand the art with a Photo Editor. Do you want a photo editing tool or effects shots for the phone no. Software "photo effects" are more...

  • Antivirus Auto Remove Virus

    Antivirus Auto Remove Virus




    Antivirus is usually software that protects devices and mobile phones from the harmful claws of viruses that affects the devices that use the Internet. This informative Android app Antivirus free provides users with links to portals that contain free Antivirus Software that can be downloaded and...

  • Enter Blocked Sites

    Enter Blocked Sites




    Enter Blocked Sites Do you ever try to go to a website on a school computer, and the site is blocked? Or try on a family computer, and your parents have it blocked? So the question arises, how can we access blocked websites? The answer to this is simple: Proxy websites. Well, here is some advice...

  • Video Editing Software

    Video Editing Software




    Video editing software is the process of manipulating and rearranging video shots to create a new work. Editing is usually considered to be one part of the post production process. People like movies – no question about it – but not everyone likes to go through the painstaking task of filming and...

  • Photo Editor Android

    Photo Editor Android


    Photo Editor is a simple and easy application for photo manipulation. Adjust color, add effects, rotate, crop, resize, frame, clone, and draw on your photos. Color adjustment options include hue, saturation, contrast, and brightness. Additionally, Photo Editor offers a large variety of effects...

  • Deleted Photos Recovery

    Deleted Photos Recovery




    How to Recover Photos from Android phones? Format the SD card carelessly, accidentally delete some perfect family photos, pictures suddenly become inaccessible.... Things like this happen occasionally. So many poeple wondered is there a way to restore deleted or lost photos from an Android phone?...

  • Recover Your Deleted Files

    Recover Your Deleted Files




    Free download actually works 100%. Accidental deletion happens. Whether it was a result of a mass deletion followed by the realization that you needed just one of the files, deleting the wrong version of a document, or just accidentally hitting the delete button, everyone has been there. Some...

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