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Burning Sand 3

Burning Sand - the popular Falling Sand Game for Windows - finally available for Android. Burning Sand is a virtual sandbox, where you can draw objects with many differen elements that interact with each other. Features: * Fastest falling sand game in the market * Multitouch drawing * Accelerometer gravity * Custom mods * Load/Save sandboxes * Mo…

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Download Hexonnect - Hexagon Puzzle Hexonnect - Hexagon Puzzle icon
Hexonnect - Hexagon Puzzle

Hexonnect is a logic puzzle game where you have to rearrange or rotate the hexagons to connect all the pipes. Play one of over 100 unique levels or let the game generate an unlimited number of boards. This indie games combines game concepts from Hex Flow, Flow Pipes, Plumber and many more other games to create the perfect logic puzzle experience.

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DefendR - TD

DefendR is the latest TD game for Android, featured in a magical and medieval world. It is your mission to defeat the attacking creeps in 49 challenging labyrinths in superb graphics. Build towers, create mazes and strike with magic - don't let them escape! Can you discover the right tactics to survive? Each level is unique, action-packed, stra…

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Download Lunatic Radon - Shooting Game Lunatic Radon - Shooting Game icon
Lunatic Radon - Shooting Game

Lunatic Radon is a fast old school vertical scrolling shooting game in space. This indie game combines aspects of Space Invaders, Xenon and many more classic Shoot ’em up games to create the perfect action experience. Press the menu button to change the controls. Keywords: vector graphics, fast, classic, space, aliens, invaders, asteroids, retro…

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Planet Wars

Planet Wars is an artillery game in space. It is you mission to battle for control of the galaxy by shooting missiles from one planet to another, but be aware of the changing gravity. Features: * 10 unique weapons * Conquer a hole galaxy with more than 2000 solar systems * Play online or over LAN against other players * Buy new weapons or upgrades…

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Download Lunatic Troopers Lunatic Troopers icon
Lunatic Troopers

Lunatic Troopers is the second game in the very popular Lunatic Series. Lunatic Troopers is a new interpretation of the classic DOS Game Paratroopers with several new features: * 4 types of PowerUps: faster fire rate, faster bullet speed, faster cannon rotation and force shields to block bombs * 100% scalable vector graphics * Awesome soundtrack…

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