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  • The Wine Society




    The Wine Society is one of the UK’s leading wine merchants. A not-for-profit co-operative owned by its members, it sells only to them and exists for their benefit. This means that The Society can concentrate on what’s important: providing members with delicious wines at fair prices with the...

  • Pegasus GP Jobs




    A free Android app to help you look for current GP locum jobs at your convenience. Choose where the work suits you. You will will be able to search for up to date GP vacancies, whether short or longer term, very quickly and simply. You will be able to search for jobs close to home, or maybe...

  • Golden Boot Soccer Quiz 2014




    Beat the World, Win the Cup! Is your knowledge of football up to the challenge? Show your football passion as you quiz your way right into the final. Featuring over 500 up-to-date questions, this "game of two halves" will take your soccer trivia into extra-time. Choose which nation to...

  • Rosemary Conley’s BMI App




    Rosemary’s BMI (Body Mass Index) Calculator is a free application for Android. Easily calculate your BMI and see which category your results fall into – i.e. underweight/healthy weight/overweight/obese. Listen to Rosemary’s personal advice which offers ways to reach or maintain a healthy BMI...

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