Silent Logic Studios

  • Mutant Turtles Vs Seaweed




    Mutant Turtles vs Killer Seaweed is hard! Very hard! Similar to oldschool classic Nintendo games that bring out the frustration in you. The game is endless. So see how far you can get and trade scores with your friends.

  • Gravulous Galaxies




    ********************************************************************************************************* Gravulous Galaxies is the sequel to the classic Apple featured game Gravulous. ********************************************************************************************************* Only...

  • Floppy Can't Fly - INSANE HARD




    ******************************************************** WARNING! THIS GAME IS INSANELY HARD! ******************************************************** Poor Floppy can't fly! He has tiny wings. Can't you please help him? Help him get past the obstacle by slingshotting him past the pipes!...

  • Six Billion Secrets




    *** For those with issues running the app, please email We've tested on several different devices without issue and thousands of other uses have had no issues either. We REALLY want to solve this problem but we need your help. Thanks. *** On SixBillionSecrets,...

  • WTFKnow!?




    **** MIND BLOWN ****** Submitted and chosen mind blowing facts and bizarre news! Great material for conversation starters. All facts are linked to source. UPDATED DAILY! Features comment on facts to generate discussion. Submit your own facts. WTFKnow Facts Example * Mr. Rogers is an ordained...

  • Gravulous - Highly Addictive!




    This version is FREE through supported advertisements. You can purchase the game through in app billing to support our development. Purchasing will remove advertisements. **************** 148Apps "it is fun, and the need to surpass your previous...

  • Tiny Flight


    Soar through the skies in this gorgeous game while avoiding obstacles. The peaceful atmosphere and relaxing music will make this the HAPPIEST game you've ever played! Watch as the backgrounds transition from day to night. Collect coins to build up your high score! Avoid different types...

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