• GPS Locker




    This application locks GPS, working in the background without giving off the GPS even when you turn off the screen. This is useful when switching between programs that work with GPS (not lost fix) or turn off the screen in applications such as Ingress.

  • Pocket Skip Track




    Switching tracks volume buttons. Only guaranteed to work with PowerAmp For correct operation of the other players the author is not responsible! Author is also not responsible for the correct operation is not on firmware...

  • FFmpeg Media Encoder




    This simple interface hyper fast video and audio encoder - FFmpeg ( FFmpeg is already built into the program and does not require download of additional codec. Main purpose: to convert any video to mp4 or 3gp, understandable to Android devices and resize under the screen...

  • Instead




    INSTEAD — INterpreter of Simple TExt ADventure. Using INSTEAD you can create and play games that could be classified as a mix of visual novel and text quest. Features: * Simple story source code (Lua-based script); * GUI and text (readline) interfaces; * GUI interface supports music and...

  • Twittery - Fortune-telling




    From time immemorial, people turn to fortune-telling to find out their fate. Fortune-telling by Twitter, is an analogue of fortune-telling by the "Book of Changes" but with a modern twist. In order to get a prediction you need to write your own question. For example, "I'm going...

  • Torchwood Triad




    This is the live wallpaper - logo of Triad from the television series "Torchwood: Miracle Day." Features: * two in one: live wallpaper and stand alone app * Triad's triangle +5 objects: Pyramid, Droid, Two Triangles, Random Stars, Many Many Lines. * Time, date and operator...

  • Bluetooth PAN for Root Users




    This application allows you to connect the tablet to the internet via mobile phone by Bluetooth Personal Area Network protocol. The phone must support Bluetooth PAN protocol. The tablet should be Root and pand (BlueZ). In most cases you will only need the Root. Tested on the tablet PiPo U1 (a...

  • Images of the Sun from SOHO




    Search and Download Images from the NASA/ESA SOHO satellite. Features: - Available whole archive of images from 1996, ending today. - Images from the 10 sensors. - Saving to SD - Image size 512x512 and 1024x1024 - Animation Images are available on

  • Copy to Clipboard




    This program allows you to copy the message to which you wish to share in the clipboard, and then paste it wherever you want. For example your location in Maps to insert a message in GTalk. Program don't HAVE ICON IN APP DRAWER! It's addon to system share menu!

  • G3MOD Config for Samsung I5800




    This App only for Samsung Galaxy 3/Apollo (GT-I5800/GT-I5801) with custom kernel G3MOD 2.x Features: * On/off data2sd and hybrid data2sd * Setup compcache size * Convert FS tool g3mod:

  • Lucky Ticket




    LUCKY TICKET - a belief and mathematical entertainment based on numerological game with the number of the ticket. The LUCKY TICKET is received in the public transport , six-digit number, the sum of the first three digits is equal to the sum of the last three ones. The total number of six-digit...

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