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'AlSalah', pronounced as AsSalah, calculates the (5) Salah timings (Salat, Salah, Namaz, Solat, Prayer in Islam, Prayer Times Calculator). Original app was written in 2001 for daily use and traveling purposes. MashaAllah now available on multitude of devices, including phones and tablets. AlSalah app is really an efficient, fast and light-…

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AlAsmaa -- 99

The 99 names of Allah. (Al Asma ul Husna) "Grid" view shows all the names in one screen making it easy to find names quickly and to memorize them. "Gallery" view features: 1. Ninety nine names in Arabic 2. Transliteration 3. Description 4. Audio 5. Slideshow 6. Full-screen mode 7. Two sets of theme Click to toggle the screen…

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'AlZakat' pronounced as 'AzZakat' is an advanced Islamic Zakat Calculator. You can calculate zakah on all your assets like; Gold, Silver, Cash, Animals, Properties, Produce, etc... as well as organize your other cash assets using 'Other' asset type for specific assets like Bank Balance, Stocks, Inventory, Merchandise, etc..…

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IbilWars Free

The camels are at war! Bring along your camel and compete against your opponents in this fun camel racing game. A local multi-player game that allows up to 9 players to race their camels at one time. Single player mode is also available for lonely times to play against the bots. Just throw the ball on the board into the right hole to make your came…

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Lose-me-not (75% off)

Do not get lost, get lose-me-not. A compass does not point North. It points to your Home or any of your favorite places! Use of the app to get back to your cabin in a forest, find your car in parking lot or use it as a fun application while walking in a city. Great app to have during Hajj time: Whether you are looking for your friends or your ten…

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Remember the days of Atari and Commodore, or the Original PlayStation where you had real fun playing with family, children, brothers & sisters, cousins, nephews & nieces or best buddies. Want to have fun with friends or have playful family-time? Well bring along your camel and compete against your opponents in this (local) multi-player ca…

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