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  • Chennai





    Chennai, capital city of Tamil Nadu, is the commercial, cultural and educational hub of South India. It is one of the top ten most populous cities of India. Chennai is a city worth visiting; you will surely end up roaming around in the markets of George Town or stroll at Marina Beach. The city...

  • Bengaluru





    A must-have tour guide to the city and its best places, Bengaluru is an all-round travel guide for Android users to one of the best cities in India. This cosmopolitan is nicknamed Garden City for its numerous gardens and parks. A paradise for nature lovers! Sections such as Weather, Metro, Must...

  • Ahmedabad





    This exclusive Android application is designed to acquaint you to the charming city of Ahmedabad. Get detailed and up to date information about categories such as Weather, Metro, Must Visit, Restaurants, Emergency and Lingo Help. Weather: Get detailed information on the weather with parameters...

  • About Delhi

    About Delhi




    'About Delhi' is a high-end offline/online tour guide Android Application. It is a complete virtual tour guide to the magnanimous Indian metropolis. Get detailed information about the weather, metro, must visit spots, hotels, nightlight, restaurants, emergency and lingo help. Enjoy the...

  • Amritsar





    This exclusive Android application is designed to acquaint you to the city of Amritsar. Amritsar is a city in north-western part of India. It is the spiritual center for the Sikh region and the administrative headquarters of the Amritsar district in the state of Punjab. The Application gives...

  • VG-2015





    Vibrant Gujarat 2015, 7th Global Investors' Summit is organized by the Government of Gujarat. Since 2003, every single meet-up has been outstandingly successful than the previous one. With six victorious biennial summits, the next Vibrant Gujarat Summit is going to be more impactful and...

  • Silver Shop

    Silver Shop


    Silver Shop is your own Branded native Application for Magento Store. Silver Shop integrates your existing Magento web store to create a Native Android Smartphone and Tablet application having the same Product Catalog and User Experience as customers are having on Magento Storefront. Silver...

  • Universal Converter

    Universal Converter




    Universal Converter for Android is a Metrics Converter, available in English, Spanish, German, Dutch, French, and Arabic. Universal Converter facilitates converting metric system UK and US for imperial units at the touch of a button: 1. Temperature 2. Distance 3. Weight 4....

  • AutoGas





    The AutoGas application helps you locate a CNG and LPG gas stations in India. Configured with a variety of features; the application serves as an advanced interface to the Android device users for “searching and locating” a nearby CNG or LPG gas station or in a State or City you are planning to...

  • iAround



    iAround ensures you can find anything-everything around you at the click of a button. The application gives real time information about places nearest to your current location. The application is designed for frequent travelers, to help and guide them explore new cities and make handy all...

  • Puzzlers





    Playing games develops our brains cognitively. Now-a-days, we often play games on Smartphones which is a more convenient option for most for the users. Our attempt to blend creativity, logic and leisure, all-in-one for your Smartphone. Expert developers juxtaposed 7 brilliantly logic-based...

  • iChurch





    iChurch is your Church on the go- always with you in your Smartphone. It connects you with your God wherever you are. In this fast-paced life, the gap between individuals and the Church (God) is growing wider; this exclusive android application will bring your faith to you through your android...

  • FondlyYours!





    Fondly Yours!, is a mobile postcard application designed for the sole purpose of personalizing greetings in a creative fashion. Convey your feelings to your near and dear ones via customized 'Fondly Yours' postcards. Send virtually personalized greetings to friends and relatives in just a...

  • SilverSuite



    A versatile utility application, SilverSuite provides all the information about your Android Smartphone, so you can know your phone like never before! Designed and integrated with a wide range of features; the application makes it possible for you to single out important details about your...

  • Know Your Weather

    Know Your Weather




    The 'Know Your Weather' is a FREE application. It’s easy to find out weather information of the city of any country by entering the Postal Code or City name. This application uses Wi-Fi / 3G Connectivity to get the data from the Server. The weather data is updating using MSN Weather API....

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