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  • Puzzlers





    Playing games develops our brains cognitively. Now-a-days, we often play games on Smartphones which is a more convenient option for most for the users. Our attempt to blend creativity, logic and leisure, all-in-one for your Smartphone. Expert developers juxtaposed 7 brilliantly logic-based...

  • iChurch





    iChurch is your Church on the go- always with you in your Smartphone. It connects you with your God wherever you are. In this fast-paced life, the gap between individuals and the Church (God) is growing wider; this exclusive android application will bring your faith to you through your android...

  • FondlyYours!





    Fondly Yours!, is a mobile postcard application designed for the sole purpose of personalizing greetings in a creative fashion. Convey your feelings to your near and dear ones via customized 'Fondly Yours' postcards. Send virtually personalized greetings to friends and relatives in just a...

  • Know Your Weather

    Know Your Weather




    The 'Know Your Weather' is a FREE application. It’s easy to find out weather information of the city of any country by entering the Postal Code or City name. This application uses Wi-Fi / 3G Connectivity to get the data from the Server. The weather data is updating using MSN Weather API....

  • Wayfaring





    Wayfaring brings the world in your hands! Wayfaring is an application that makes you a globetrotter while sitting in the comfort of your couch. Wayfaring is for those who love traveling but are not able to go to places they long for. This app fulfills their wish of virtually seeing world's...

  • Save The Beetle

    Save The Beetle




    'Save the Beetle' is a fantastic game app for Android OS 1.6 or later. The aim is to save the Beetle from fire balls and eat the bugs to collect extra bonus points. The game uses Accelerometer feature of the device. With every level, the complexity increases. Difficulties in the game are...

  • Silver Sudoku

    Silver Sudoku




    Silver Sudoku is a logic-based, combination number-placement puzzle game. In this application the user gets 3 levels of ply - Easy has 45 numbers filled out, Medium has 35 numbers filled out and Hard has 25 numbers filled out on the Sudoku board. Each level has 1000 puzzles so it has 3000 games....

  • Silver BMI Calculator

    Silver BMI Calculator




    Body Mass Index is widely used tool that calculates whether you are underweight, normal weight or over weight. It takes your height and weight and applies BMI logic to calculate your BMI value.

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