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Water Bubble Ring Toss

Water Bubble Ring Toss is ring toss fun in 3D for all ages. - Vintage skill game classics - By pushing the bubble shoot button, you shoot or pump bubbles into the water. Let the six golden rings dance and try to get them on the two blue sticks. You can influence the movement of the rings slightly by tilting your device to the left or right. The…

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Download Shake 'n' Roll Labyrinth Shake 'n' Roll Labyrinth icon
Shake 'n' Roll Labyrinth

Shake 'n' Roll Labyrinth is just Rock 'n' Roll. It is a real 3D maze with a beautiful marble / ball and awesome physics. You need a steady hand for this balance board labyrinth to reach the target - golden star. :::::::::::::::::::: There are 4 different game modes: Mode 1: Pofessionals (Pro) mode: This mode is very difficult to p…

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Number Shooter

Shoot attacking numbers - a classic pocket calculator shooter is back! Who ever loved pocket calculator games, like on a casio mg series, will love this game. This game is based on one of the first handheld games ever! It's a time travel back to the early days of computer games. It looks quite simply because you are attacked only by simple num…

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