• Gorivo




    Pronađite jeftinije gorivo u vašoj blizini. App Gorivo prikazuje cijene goriva na benzinskim postajama ovisno o lokaciji koju gledate na karti unutar Republike Hrvatske. Uz cijene goriva, aplikacija prikazuje i putanju te omogućuje ažuriranje cijena. Trenutno podržava više distributera: INA,...

  • Bela




    Bela is the Croatian version of the popular card game Belot. The rules are a bit different compared to the french Belot game. There are similar games to the croatian game Bela such as: Belot, Belote (Contrée),Coinche, Bella, Blot, Bridge-Belote, Vida, Pilotta, bœuf, Baloot, Belyot, Bazaar...

  • Mosquito Wars




    This is a time-wasting game where you need to kill those bloodsucking mosquitos!!! No levels exist and score is not kept. I'm open to your suggestions and ideas. :)

  • Flashlight on Steroids Free




    Lets say you're in a situation where it would be awesome to automatically send your GPS location and flash a distress S.O.S. beacon. There's also Morse Mode. Tap the button and the LED turns on, release the touch-button and the LED turns off. Practice your morse code skills! Also...

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