• Fuel Price




    This app will help you find the nearest gas station with the cheapest fuel using location services. The app currently provides fuel station prices in Brazil, Bosnia, Croatia, Italy, South Korea and Thailand. Supported fuel types are gasoline variants, Biofuels (renewables) such as bioethanol,...

  • Bela




    Bela is the Croatian version of the popular card game Belot. The rules are a bit different compared to the french Belot game. There are similar games to the croatian game Bela such as: Belot, Belote (Contrée),Coinche, Bella, Blot, Bridge-Belote, Vida, Pilotta, bœuf, Baloot, Belyot, Bazaar...

  • Mosquito Wars




    This is a time-wasting game where you need to kill those bloodsucking mosquitos!!! No levels exist and score is not kept. I'm open to your suggestions and ideas. :)

  • Flashlight on Steroids Free




    Lets say you're in a situation where it would be awesome to automatically send your GPS location and flash a distress S.O.S. beacon. There's also Morse Mode. Tap the button and the LED turns on, release the touch-button and the LED turns off. Practice your morse code skills! Also...

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