Simão Lúcio

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    There are already a few similar apps on Google play. The purpose of this one though is to be very simple, quick and user-friendly. You simply need to put the time and the number of placements. There is no recording of streets, houses, or titles of magazines placed. In addition you’ve got the...

  • Congregation Territories




    A tool to help Jehovah's Witnesses congregation responsible for the territories. Require Android 2.1 or higher. Some features: - simple territory and publisher manager - campaign manager - checkout territories list sorted by date - overdue territories list (with configurable time) -...

  • Full Screen Maps




    This is a tool that shows maps based on Google Maps data. Maps are shown in full screen mode or in immersive mode (when supported) without any object to interfere Features: - easy command to take a snapshot of the map using the entire screen - address search function - support all the gesture...

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