Simon Halvdansson

  • Holo Countdown Free




    Holo Countdown has been updated with a new look and tons of new features! Holo Countdown is a beautiful countdown app designed to be as efficent, fluid and easy as possible while still packing loads of features. The app has been carefully designed to look good on any device, no matter if...

  • Find Me - Share your where




    Find Me! - Location Sharing Made Easy Ever been at a party and your friend doesn't know the way and wants you to come meet them? No more with Find Me! Open up the app and share your location with just a tap. Find Me creates a Google Maps URL from your location and when you share it with your...

  • K





  • Launch Now




    Launch Now 1.0 released! Update now and get the new features! Launch Now is a Google Now shortcut replacement app. Where you would normally launch Google now by swiping up from the lockscreen or up from one of the softkeys you can now launch Launch Now. The main idea behind Launch Now is that...

  • Flashbang




    Flashbang is the the loudest flashbang app for Android. The app is optimized for Android 4.1 and up and supports hiding the navigation buttons on the Galaxy Nexus for the brightest experience. The app is in active development and more features will be added later. You can change the countdown...

  • Bouncing Android Daydream




    Bouncing Android Daydream is a Daydream for Android 4.2+. To activate Bouncing Android Daydream go to Settings -> Display -> Daydream and select Bouncing Android. The app is a very simple animation of a Android bouncing around on your screen. The background is pitch black meaning AMOLED...

  • Tap It




    Tap It is a simple yet intuative game that is based around the classical game over who can press a button the fastest. With multi and singleplayer game this game will get you hooked. The game follows the Android Design Guidelines.

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