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    Separate Trash~! Lite

    This game is separating trashes on the road. There are 3 kinds of Trash. Papers, bottles, cans. First of all, select one wastebasket of three, then touch same kind of trash. Now, enjoy it~!! Paid version released~!(No AD) * Support World Score~!! * Support ICS Version~!! ps) You can control game sound by ring volume control button.

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    Download Drop Coconut~!! Lite Drop Coconut~!! Lite icon
    Drop Coconut~!! Lite

    "Drop Coconut" is the game that pick coconut by shaking. When coconut are dropped, you can put coconut in the box by touching. How to play are as follows: 1. Shake and drop coconut to the ground. 2. Touch coconut as fast as possible. Now, Enjoy "Drop Coconut"~!! * Support ICS Version~!! ps) Paid version doesn't have…

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    Download Math Master~!! Lite Math Master~!! Lite icon
    Math Master~!! Lite

    "Math Master" is the game that solve mathematical problems. There are 3 kinds of problems, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division. Solve the problems as fast as possible, then your ranking will rise. Now, Enjoy "Math Master"~!! * Support ICS Version~!! ps 1) Paid version doesn't have AD ps 2) You can control ga…

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