Simon King

  • Decision Widget




    Simple decision maker app, widget is also available. The app generates a random number helps you make decision. No other functions and services.

  • Deleted


    Deleted Note: This program uses source code from Walkingice's project. Google code website (original source code):

  • Three Kingdom Card




    Three kingdom Card is the version of three kingdom card game with the scene cards. Randomly select a card every round before lord starts, such as: Fire Attack is invalid when it rains. Later, Scene will be added constantly.

  • Jumpdog




    Introduction: Your challenge is to help the cutie dog explore from the ground as high as possible. In this journey you can get as high score as you can by jumping on the clouds. The clouds will gradually become smaller and smaller in size through the time to make the journey difficult. By...

  • Nobunaga no Gevoe




    Gintama Owee Game: He will throw up all kinds of shapes on the screen, as long as vomit is lined up in a row, it will be eliminated. If the Screen fills up with vomit, the game will be over. (Is't it only a disgusting verion of Tetris?!) Note: please refer:...

  • BMI Tester




    This is my first Android program. It is very funny to learn every thing (api, signing) and hope to bring more games

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