Simple Droid Tools

  • Forex Factory Calendar

    Forex Factory Calendar




    This simple droid tool just displays the weekly economic calendar from the Forex Factory site ( Recent changes: 1. Fix due to site format change. Known issues: 1. Zoom does not work as well as in web browsers. Please remember that this is just a simple droid tool...

  • Premier League Standings

    Premier League Standings




    This lightweight and unofficial app shows some basic information about the English Premier League 2013/2014 football championship. The first tab shows the ranking of the teams, point reporting, number of games, wins, draws and losses, goals scored, conceded and goal difference per team. The...

  • Remove Wallpaper

    Remove Wallpaper




    This tool simply removes the smartphone's home screen wallpaper replacing it with a completely black picture. The tool exits to the home screen, so the result can immediately be checked. Caveat: this tool does not have any capability to recover the previous wallpaper, so, be sure a black...

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