• )s) Dolphin Communicator

    )s) Dolphin Communicator




    Whistle recognition & emission 100 - 11,000 Hz range 40 FFTs per second 1024 voltage samples This application is for conducting two-way communication experiments using whistles. Using this app, you may emit one or more whistles and listen to the response by dolphins (the app will show you...

  • )s) Dolphin Comm Edu

    )s) Dolphin Comm Edu




    Whistle recognition, emission 100 Hz to 11,000 Hz range, 40 FFTs per second, 1024 voltage samples This application is for conducting two-way communication experiments using whistles. Using this app, you may emit one or more whistles and listen to the response by dolphins (the app will show you...

  • )s) Voice Call Volume Mgr

    )s) Voice Call Volume Mgr




    To adjust the phone call volume when no phone call in progress. Without this app, on some Android devices, you can only change the phone call volume by using the side buttons when a phone call is in progress. With this, you can change the voice call volume when not on a call. Small icon ©...

  • )s) Benchmark One

    )s) Benchmark One




    This app provides valuable info to users: - a comparison of one's device performance with other devices, - an independent performance ranking of multiple Android devices, - a spectrogram for acoustic analysis of live audio, - free updates with additional models in new releases of the app....

  • )s) Spectrogram One

    )s) Spectrogram One




    A spectrogram in your pocket - Fun things to do with it: - Pets - dog, cat, hamster, canary - hear and look at their sounds and associate them with their behavior to try to figure out their 'meaning' - Kids - show the sounds of human voices and animals to kids - easier for them to...

  • )s) Java Volatile Ok?

    )s) Java Volatile Ok?




    A short and easy quiz to help developers determine when to effectively and safely use the 'volatile' qualifier in Java & Android apps for multi-threading. This quiz will help you improve the performance of you apps and reduce concurrency defects. Uses an expert system engine...

  • )s) Repeat Buzz

    )s) Repeat Buzz




    Only on Android. Vibrates for 2 seconds at each interval. How to use: Enter the interval in minutes, for example, enter 4, and touch Start, then after 4 minutes has elapsed it vibrates for 2 seconds, and it repeats the delay and buzz until you touch Stop or the Back key. To use Repeat Buzz in...

  • )s) App Monitor

    )s) App Monitor



    What's going on with my device?!? Display all tasks running in foreground and all services running in background; also apps that crashed if any. Other Android tools may not show all tasks. Displays general memory utilization. Also includes options to search, send text by email, change...

  • )s) Internal Android 1.6+ Pro

    )s) Internal Android 1.6+ Pro


    Displays multiple system properties of Android 1.6+. Many displayed properties are not visible from tools in Android. Includes SQLite version display. Completely Safe: does not change settings. Intended for developers and savvy users. We have another app for Android 1.5 devices. Small icon...

  • )s) Gaming Numbers Generator

    )s) Gaming Numbers Generator




    Instantly generate pseudo-random numbers for games of chance such as lotteries. Randomness is an advantage in certain games, but is difficult to achieve without computer assistance. By using advanced computer logic, this app gives you the potential advantage of removing the unconscious and...

  • )s) Mark Twain - What is Man?

    )s) Mark Twain - What is Man?


    Full Title: What is Man? And Other Essays This is the entire original text. It is now in the public domain in the USA but possibly not in all countries. Includes some autobiographical texts. App designed for reading when off-line. The text can be copied to another device, with a little...

  • )s) Remix, by Larry Lessig

    )s) Remix, by Larry Lessig




    REMIX Making Art and Commerce Thrive in the Hybrid Economy Read offline this seminal 325-page work on Internet-Copyright issues. From "For more than a decade, we’ve been waging a war on our kids in the name of the 20th Century’s model of “copyright law.” In this, the...

  • Inaugural Address USA 2009

    Inaugural Address USA 2009




    The official text of President Obama’s historical inaugural address, January 2009. We also publish: *Address to Congress Feb 2009* *Obama on Space 2010* and other apps. This app is designed to be read while off-line, without Internet connection.

  • )s) Texte sur la cryptologie

    )s) Texte sur la cryptologie




    Cryptologie, science et sécurité O. Pironneau, C. Soulé Académie des sciences Texte publié sous *GNU Free Documentation License GFDL*: L'application est en français. Petit icône © 2000-2009 AguaSonic Acoustics -, fait de sons d'un...

  • )s) Pres Obama on Space 2010

    )s) Pres Obama on Space 2010




    The official transcript of President Obama's speech on space exploration at NASA on April 15, 2010. The President includes Mars for exploration by people in the near future. Read the entire text here.

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