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  • Contemplation




    Contemplation is a useful tool in self improvement courses, motivational programs and spiritual searches. It can also work alongside your meditation practice to help remind you during the day of the need to stay focused. Sometimes it is easy to forget what's most important in life especially...

  • WhatSpeed


    WhatSpeed is a simple but very useful application. It is great if you are on a bike ride and want to know how fast you are travelling at but obviously can't view your screen. WhatSpeed will read out aloud what speed you are currently going at. You can set it to read out your speed every 10 -...

  • Remote For Blackberry Phones




    Remote For Blackberrry has been a huge success on another platform. All reviews have been 5 star with a wish for bluetooth to enable users to also use this app outdoors rather than just wifi. The wait is finally over for Android users. This is the bluetooth version! * Phone remote works with any...

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