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No-frills CPU Control

*********************************** This app requires ROOT permissions. If you don't know what root permissions are, you probably don't need this app. *********************************** No-frills CPU Control is a tool you can use on your rooted [1] device to quickly set the CPU frequencies and governor to use. It allows you to use the…

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Ghostly SMS

Ghostly SMS is meant to be a temporary workaround to a nasty bug in Android where the stock SMS/MMS app seems to lose some messages. It really receives them but doesn't save them, so they're kind of… lost forever! This app listens for incoming SMSs, saves them as fast as it can in an internal database (not the INBOX) and shows a notificati…

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Tile Map Editor

Are you an RPG, board-game or Strategy Battle Game addict? Do you hate when you're not at home and you suddenly have that "this-is-it!" idea for a new map in your party's everlasting adventure, but you don't know how to put it down… and then something else fills your mind? Don't worry anymore: this is the app you were wai…

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DCIM Helper

IMPORTANT: after an update, be sure to turn ON the app, as Play Store turs it off! You can check the status with the Homescreen widget! Do you hate when iPhoto won't show the pictures you shot with your Android device, but it works fine with your friend's HTC Sense device? Why is that?!? That's simply because Google's camera does…

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