Singapore National Co-operative Federation

  • The Really Really Hot Day




    A really hot day sparks off a disaster in the forest. The animals’ homes and lives are in trouble! What can they do to save themselves and their forest from this danger?

  • Under the Sea, Under the Sea




    Gillbert belongs to a school of fish. Every day, they learn about life under the sea. Find out how Gillbert learns his biggest lessons in life when he meets a dolphin in need. In this story, Gillbert and his friends used their strength in numbers at the seabed to help free Bottlenose. Bottlenose...

  • Little Otter Goes Fishing




    Story Outline: In this story, Big Otter is always bringing food for Little Otter. Over time, Little Otter learns from Big Otter how to fish for himself. He practices on the skills required to catch his own food. When Little Otter finally succeeds, he is ready to pass on the skills to Baby Otter...

  • A Very Big Storm




    Story Outline: A very big storm is coming! The Squirrel family, Monkey family, Sparrow and Little Honey Bear are all worried. How are they going to stay nice and dry? Explore the forest and meet the cute and kind characters as they rally together to brave the storm in the spirit of...

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