Singapore Polytechnic

  • SP Map

    SP Map




    SP Map helps you to find your way around Singapore Polytechnic's lush, 38-hectare campus. It also allows you to discover more about the polytechnic's facilities, social spaces and more. SP Map is a Singapore Polytechnic (SP) mobile application. Established in 1954, SP is Singapore's...




    Singapore International Water Festival The Singapore International Water Festival (SIWF) is here again! SIWF App from Singapore Polytechnic helps you to quickly access the useful links, schedule, activities and locations of the events of SIWF 2014. In addition to flagship events such as the...

  • SP Mobile

    SP Mobile




    SP Mobile gives you a single point of access to most commonly used tools for learning and working in SP. Through this app, you can also get useful information about SP. The tools and information are represented as icons and grouped into 3 categories: Learn, Work and Life. The app can be...

  • SP Xperience

    SP Xperience




    SP Xperience is an app from Singapore Polytechnic that allows you to browse through offered courses and information about CCAs, School Admissions,etc. SP Xperience is a Singapore Polytechnic (SP) mobile application. Established in 1954, SP is Singapore's first polytechnic. Its ten academic...

  • SP Engineering Show

    SP Engineering Show




    Welcome to the SP Engineering Show! The SP Engineering Show is an annual exhibition that showcases the creations and innovations of SP's final year students from the Engineering courses. This is an important milestone in their education as it gives them an opportunity to stage their product...

  • SP CCA

    SP CCA




    The Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) is an integral part of our education system to drive home the message that holistic development goes beyond good academic grades. The current technological revolution, global competition, and push towards a knowledge-based economy require EQ, AQ and soft skills...

  • SP IFL

    SP IFL




    This app provides users with four useful financial calculators, namely, a Savings Calculator, Goal Savings Calculator, Debt Repayment Calculator and Debt Duration Calculator. Results of calculations can be exported via email. This app also provides information about the MoneySENSE - Singapore...

  • SP MSFormula

    SP MSFormula




    SP MS Maths Formulae Reference is a mobile version of the Mathematical Formulae & Tables used in Singapore Polytechnic. These formulae are the basic formulae that the students will come across in their course of studies. SP MS Maths Formulae is a Singapore Polytechnic (SP) mobile...

  • SP MobFest

    SP MobFest


    SP Mob Fest app helps you to quickly access the schedule, speaker list and winner list for SP's Mob Fest 2012 event. In future, you can view videos about the experiences of participants in the event and its Mobile App and eBook competitions. Look out for these new features. SP Mob Fest is...

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