SingTel Idea Factory Pte Ltd

  • Home LIVECam




    Enjoy an easy-to-set up home monitoring service. View live feeds from anywhere (WiFi or 3G) on your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or any Internet-enabled computer. Now you can easily keep an eye on your home and your loved ones while you are away. Your home activities can be automatically captured...

  • Wear & Where




    Discover the hottest clothing and apparel in stores near you! Wear & Where wants to help you find that perfect item for your date or weekend away and pick it up in a store right away. With thousands of items from leading brands and blog shops, you will never run out of clothes to wear....

  • Mobile iPN




    SingTel’s Mobile iPN connects your mobile devices to your office iPhoneNet number. You can now take and make business calls anytime, anywhere including overseas with 1 single number. This app allows you to: - Make VoIP calls over Wi-Fi or 3G - Do 3-way conference call - Access your company...

  • SingTel4Biz




    SingTel4Biz is a self-help application that allow SingTel corporate users to subscribe SingTel DataRoam Saver (Daily) plan, check current local/roaming usage, all on the go! With SingTel DataRoam Saver (Daily), you can enjoy data roaming on the communicated network at a fixed rate per plan...

  • deF!ND




    Never miss a moment with deF!ND (Defind), Singapore’s only digital assistance that brings you the best of what Singapore has to offer, all at the touch of a button. Search for and book movie screenings! It predicts the movies you love with the movie personalization engine and locates the...

  • RoamAlert




    Are you a SingTel postpaid subscriber who is travelling overseas? Enjoy one flat data-roaming rate across 41 territories, when you subscribe to SingTel’s data roaming plans! The RoamAlert application allows you to easily subscribe to a data roaming plan, view and alert you to log on to the...

  • News & Events Clock




    Get breaking BPL news, info and even reminders before your favourite match starts! Set it on your Android homescreen for quick access to the latest info anytime.

  • exCite Family Board




    Late for dinner? Need help from Mum? Ran out of cereal? Instead of leaving unsightly post-it notes, or texting your parents who never check their phones, exCite Family Board is your virtual fridge door. With various posting methods - be it texting, or via the application on both phone and...

  • Android Remote




    The limitless world of the web comes pouring into your TV with exCite. You and your family can create your own entertainment channel and watch exactly what you want whenever you want. Enjoy HD premium movies,your favourite sports,the latest dramas and multimedia content,anytime. (Available in SSG...

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