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    A translator is used! ★☆ Now on sale ☆★ Appeared second of the meter widget! The car lover is a widget-like apps tickle the mind. Switch features such as screen brightness and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth you can display information of each battery. Please try to twist the home screen cockpit. We also...

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    *Machine translation is used. It suddenly became a cancellation of the public version of the popular pay per, let me publish the free version at all! Please expect no future, so we plan to add additional functionality! ! -- NEW!! -- A design also improves and the visibility of a text numerical...

  • Hashiriya Meter Widget FREE




    Please keep in mind that the indicator position and the numerical value with an actual dial of each meter differ from each other since design serious consideration was used. For the reason, the digital numerical value is displayed. -Battery remainder -Battery temperature -Battery voltage...

  • HashiriyaMeterWidget PRO




    --The difference from the free version-- It corresponded to the graphical representation of battery residual quantity and battery temperature. It corresponded to design change of the widget. It is a battery residual quantity display to a status bar. -Battery remainder widget -Battery...

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    * Please be sure to read the following directions for use to the direction that a widget is not displayed after installation. this widget -- an application arranges a clock widget on a home screen, and the check of a check, battery residual quantity, and temperature of time is possible for it....

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