• Phone2Phone Internet Calling

    Phone2Phone Internet Calling




    3 Apps in 1: - Call using the Phone to Phone method - Call using local access numbers - Re-route video call/phone call/sms intents to/from other Apps Cheap/free calls worldwide! Set up regular calls for free or extremely cheap even without having an Internet data flat rate or data plan! This...

  • Sitoplex Donate

    Sitoplex Donate




    This App does not do directly anything! But it supports the development of applications from Sitoplex. All Apps from Sitoplex are free and without Ads. Donating with this Apps makes possible to keep them in this way: free and without ads forever! Many thanks!

  • Automatic Recorder

    Automatic Recorder




    Audio Recorder and personal trainer. ***** PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE NEGATIVE FEEDBACK YET ***** ***** THIS APP IS ONLY A BETA VERSION ***** ***** AND IT IS STILL UNDER DEVELOPMENT ***** *** HELP ME CORRECTING AND IMPROVING IT BY SENDING FEEDBACK *** *** Many thanks!!! *** It can start recording...

  • Post Position & image resize

    Post Position & image resize




    PostPosition is an All-in-One sharing App. Resize images and/or add GPS information to them. Adapt pictures for sharing them via Email or on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Wordpress, Blogger, etc. # Simple to use, powerful in customization # - Resize and compress images - Keep using your favorite...

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