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    Daily GoodWords (Chinese Version Only!!) 1. Daily GoodWords for Chinese learning 2. Favorite function 3. 大愛 radio Please email us if you have any problem Email: kerlichung@gmail.com

  • Best Unit Converter




    Product Description 1. Extremely Easy and user-friendly 2. Convert 15+ conversions A well designed unit converter, with great user-friendly interface. This unit converter collects commonly-used conversions, including: 1. Weight 2.Length 3.Temperature 4.Speed 5.Area 6.Volume 7.Energy 8.Time...

  • 企業家名言錄




    不斷向成功的人學習, 是成功的關鍵, 這一款App收集許多企業家名言, 包括: 經營之神王永慶先生, 鴻海郭台銘先生, 台積電張仲謀先生, HTC王雪紅小姐, 華碩施崇棠先生, 宏碁施振榮先生, 比爾蓋茲, 賈伯斯等等... 希望這些企業家的名言, 可以帶給大家朝氣的一天!! 關鍵字: 企業家, 名言, 夢想家, 夢想, 企業, 成功, 金錢,...

  • Fastest Mass Calculator




    1. User friendly keyboard, mixed English characters and numbers. 2. Three self-defined molecular formula buttons, more convenient for input. Unlike other mass calculator, we mixed number buttons in general keyboard. And we construct 3 self-defined button for users define their own often used...

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