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    German Verbs

    VerbDroid German is a verb conjugator application for more than 10'000 fully conjugated German verbs. They are very easy to find via the search feature. Features: •Memory saving •Off-line •Good Search feature •Search options Other Products by SJT: • VerbDroid verb conjugator Swedish • VerbDroid verb conjugator Dutch • VerbDroid verb conjugat…

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    Rentz (Card game)

    Rentz, also known as Renz, Renț, King, Barbu or Bart is a card game for 4 or 6 players, you against the computers. It consists of 8 independent mini games. Please bare in mind that the rules may vary by country. The rules are very easy, actually there is just one: Play a card of the same suit as the first one on the table. For getting tricks (takin…

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    Download Aero Abbreviation Aero Abbreviation icon
    Aero Abbreviation

    Aero Abbreviation is the perfect tool for Aviators and contains the following offline features: ✔ Aviation Abbreviations ✔ Decoder for Runway Reports ✔ IATA/ICAO Codes for Airports including Runways ✔ METAR and TAF for most Airports (requires internet access for update) ✔ IATA and ICAO identifiers for Airlines ✔ Tail number prefixes of most…

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    This application prepares you the best for the JLPT N5 exam. It is very handy and easy to use with a lot of features. Ideal for studying in the train, on the plane, at the beach or wherever you like! Vocabulary: Browse and search the dictionary. There are more than 700 entries with a lot of additional vocabulary. Search criteria may be entered in…

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    Download Oicho Kabu Oicho Kabu icon
    Oicho Kabu

    Oicho-Kabu (おいちょかぶ) is a traditional Japanese card game that is similar to the Western games Blackjack and Baccarat. It is typically played with special kabufuda cards. This game has a Dealer and a Player. The goal of the game is to reach 9 or closer to 9 than your opponent. This app features two offline modes, Free Mode and Casino Mode. A…

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    Download Cockpit Crew Rest Calculator Cockpit Crew Rest Calculator icon
    Cockpit Crew Rest Calculator

    This App allows you to calculate the rest period for three pilots. Features: - wake-up times - start rest after T/O - end rest before Landing - calculates the landing time or flight time by itself

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