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Get Santa Text

Get Santa Text is a cool way for your kids to text Santa Claus. They can text their Christmas list, tell how their grades are going and ask about Rudolph. Get Santa and Don't be surprised if Santa texts back ;) Santa LOVES reading all these fun and exciting texts his little buddies send but remember that Santa gets thousands of texts everyday…

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All Things Kim Kardashian

The Lovely, Beautiful and Sexy Kim Kardashian. One can't help but love Kim, the socialite, businesswoman, fashion designer, model, television personality, author, and actress. No we can't forget what she's worldly known for, sex tape which propelled her into the life of envy from everyone. Kim Kardashian the soon to be mother of the c…

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Clairvoyant Psychic Christine

One Free Question, Psychic reading by Clairvoyant Psychic Christine when you download my free app. Get a psychic reading for your deepest questions concerning career, family, love and relationships when you contact me for your free reading. I also use clairvoyance, empathy, tarot. I am a natural born psychic with gifted abilities dedicated to ser…

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Quik Pick

Free Free Free Download!!! Quik Pick is a quick and easy way to help you decide on a number. Have you been trying to figure out what new number you want to play either for the lottery or just needing a number? Yes, the lottery machines can dish out numbers but now you can dish out your own with the touch of your own finger. Be in control of your…

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Hypnotiqache Lite

Fun Fun Fun! It's called Hypnotiqache Lite. Free Version with no Ads. Not intended to hypnotize, but you may just end up that way trying to figure out this puzzle. When you need a break between your daily task or waiting in line or really like a challenge, then this app is for you. You will need to access your inner brain and memory here, it…

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Smelling Flowers

"Smelling Flowers" How many times have you heard this saying to Smell The Flowers. This means to enjoy and share the Beauty of the Flowers now, while we can. Flowers come in so many varieties, colors, shapes and smells. They all have their own meaning. Have you ever wonder what a flower means? With this app you can learn the meaning of…

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ReHab Tweeter Lite

Addicted to Twitter? We Love Twitter!!! We are Tweeters who were formerly addicted to Twitter and lost control of many things in our lives. We gained control through Tweeter ReHab. Now we tweet on Twitter, yet maintain our lives. We formed Tweeter ReHab to help you. Send a ReHab Fix, a new cool way to send a nice, funny and or encouraging messa…

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Glammy Pooch

The Most Adorable Pooch ever is yours. This app allows your to take your favorite photo of your pooch, man's best friends and have a little fun by Glamming him or her up. Glam Pooch is a fun app that anyone of any age can have loads of fun for hours. Create pictures to keep for yourself or share them through social networks and as E-cards.…

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Psychic Eyes

Psychic Eyes With the Blink of an Eye, Psychic Eyes receive your message. Messages your will relate to in fun times, down times and needed times. Ask Psychic Eyes a question or have Psychic Eyes share an interesting Story or Dream just for you. Need a Psychic? See what Psychic Eyes has for you today. Free Version

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Your Fortune Cookie

A nice fun app that sends you a different fortune via a video fortune cookie. All types of fortunes so see if it's just what you need. You can also get your own personal Fortune Cookie Video read.

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