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Boys vs Girls

You’re new in the neighbourhood and hope to make friends fast, but the only kids you see playing in the streets and gardens are from the opposite sex, the enemy. What are you suppose to do now? There must be someone out there you can play with. Boys & Girls Suburban Skirmish is a chess style strategy game where you need to make friends in orde…

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Galactic Striker 3D Free

Full game for free!!! Jack Panic, Earth’s greatest astronaut and Hero of the people, is called once again to protect Earth. But during this routine mission Jack accidentally damages an alien mother-ship, insults their leader, and is tele-ported to the other side of the galaxy. An exciting “3d shoot-‘em-up” adventure in full 3D and a fully rendered…

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Download Lotto Number Generator Lotto Number Generator icon
Lotto Number Generator

Get this free lottery number generator. Save your own lucky lotto numbers or use our lotto machine to choose random numbers for you. This application works with the 49 ball lotto game where 6 numbers are chosen. About the developer: SkillPod Media is an innovative online gaming and application development business, that’s passionate about the ca…

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Shop Zap

The shop assistant needs to pack the conveyor belt, but the boss' strict instructions are to pack them in sets of 3’s. Can you help the assistant restore some order to the chaos? Pack enough bags and you’re up for a promotion to a better store which is a lot more work, but oh so worth it, pack too slow, and the bags will fall off the conveyor…

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Bird Bombers

The Bird Bombers will take you from the Americas to Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. The best of the best birds have been selected for the bombing onslaught and have been put directly under your control - start bombing those cars. The campaigns play out in eight different human cities that have been recognized as strategic points of interest t…

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Pig Pop

How fast can you pop? It's like popping bubble wrap with the reward of silly animal sounds! Pop the pigs and their farmyard pals in this increasingly frantic and entertainingly addictive game. Popping the animals in order gets you to the next level. With a little bit of math you can get to higher levels quickly. The higher the level, the more a…

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Pig World

Pig World includes three fun games: Bouncing Pigs, Pig Pop, and Moo Popper. Bouncing Pigs: Free the pigs as you match their colors together, launching them into groups of three or more, and racking up a high score. Clear all the pigs in order to proceed to the next stage. Pig Pop: Pop the pigs and their farmyard pals in this increasingly frantic…

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Evacuate Free

Someone, or something, has broken in and set off the self destruct sequence in the laboratory you work in. Amidst the chaos you must try and evacuate or die a fiery, painful death. Run, dodge, jump and slide to avoid dangerous hazards and obstacles as you make a desperate, but hopeless, attempt at salvation. As the building comes crashing down aro…

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Download Zodiac Attack Zodiac Attack icon
Zodiac Attack

Use you rock launcher to connect 3 or more coloured meteoroids as they fly past and into the black hole. Play through the 12 zodiac stages, ranging from Aries through to Virgo, and stop the meteors from getting through. Each constellation stage is broken up into ever-increasing levels that get progressively more difficult as you clear out the m…

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Download Moo Popper Moo Popper icon
Moo Popper

It's time to watch cows fly! In Moo Popper, you tap the screen to lob different colored cows into the droves, bubble shooting at it's best. Free them as you match their colors together in touching groups of three or more. Clear all the cows in order to proceed to the next stage, and rack up a high score. Can you clear out the cows before th…

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