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  • Ancient Puzzle Sliders

    Ancient Puzzle Sliders




    If you are into “Brain-Teasers” / Slider Puzzle Games and have some time to kill, Ancients Sliders is just what you need. This is a simple game, with simple game mechanics, but requires determination and the ability to think ahead in order to complete. There are 5 beautifully designed slider...

  • Bird Bombers

    Bird Bombers




    The Bird Bombers will take you from the Americas to Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. The best of the best birds have been selected for the bombing onslaught and have been put directly under your control - start bombing those cars. The campaigns play out in eight different human cities that...

  • Boys vs Girls

    Boys vs Girls




    You’re new in the neighbourhood and hope to make friends fast, but the only kids you see playing in the streets and gardens are from the opposite sex, the enemy. What are you suppose to do now? There must be someone out there you can play with. Boys & Girls Suburban Skirmish is a chess style...

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