• 31-Day Training (Squat,Plank)




    Happy New Year~! Do you observe well the newly established exercise plan? It'll brighten up all the fat in the body over a 31-Day Training! # The 31 Day Training Application offers 11 kinds of programs. ★ Beginner (Push Up [LOW], Squat [LOW], Crunch) ★ Intermediate (Push Up, Squat,...

  • Throw a handwriting! - SUZEBI




    Easy App that can be sent writing simple articles or images! An unfamiliar adult at typing, Anyone with a distinctive, easy-to-use handwriting App - SUZEBI! Written information is stored on the SD card in the form of images, the image will be sent when you share. (Write multiple times, and...

  • Just One (One Counter & Timer)




    Use it, the Counter and Timer to One App! Exercise, studying, cooking, and various training tools are what you need the most? Think about it! You will probably count number or check the time. ★ This application provide the Counter and Timer functions that available in a variety of situations....

  • Kennedy Score - Baseball Score




    Baseball Scorebaoard !! App Kennedy score have a function that allows you to record information such as score / hit / error / balls of each inning for each of up to 1-9 times to display the status of the runner and the ball / strike / out count. It is intended for people who like baseball...

  • Simplayer - Music Explorer




    # Simple + Player = Simplayer!! # Full FREE app without advertising! # What kind of music player you are you using? Google Play offers a variety of music player that has a lot of functions. However, some music players does not show as a folder on your sdcard. (Sometimes, genre, artist, album...

  • Japanese Study (hiragana)




    Japanese Study Do you want to study Japanese? If so, you should memorize the first Japanese characters. There is an app that allows you to memorize the quickest Japanese character. Hiragana, of course, will be able to study with them katakana. This is the biggest advantage of this app. If...

  • Welcome to Korea (Tour Guide)




    ★ This app (Welcome to Korea) is designed for foreigners traveling or preparing to travel to the Republic of Korea. ☆ This app offers a variety of tourist attractions Information of the Republic of Korea held by the Korea Tourism Organization in real time. ★ This application was developed using...

  • Mountain Watch (M-Watch)




    ☆ ★ This app provides the functions of the watch, Compass, Barometer / altimeter, speedometer, flash, moon phase and a weather information. # This application is made ​​by reference to mountain climbing watch. # In fact, I wanted to buy a watch such as SUUNTO, CASIO, G-SHOCK but I was...

  • Custom Timer (Training/Study)




    # Easy and Simple Timer # It is all timers that can be used in all situations when the exercise, when cooked, such as when learning is needed timer. # Every Timer function 1. It is a timer that indicates the number of hours, minutes, and seconds. 2. You can be displayed in a list if you set...

  • 독서의 달인 (서평, 독후감, 베스트셀러, 신간도서)




    독서의 달인! 작년 한 해, 몇 권의 책을 읽으셨나요? 근 한 달 동안 읽은 책의 제목이 기억나시나요? 독서에 대한 모든 것을 관리해 드립니다! 베스트셀러, 신간도서, 추천도서 목록을 제공하고 읽고 싶은 책이나 읽은 책을 저장할 수 있습니다. 읽은 책에 대해서 서평을 저장할 수 있습니다. 작성한 서평 또는 관심있는 책 정보를 페이스북에 공유할 수 있습니다. 책을 얼마나 읽었는지 월 단위로 확인할 수 있습니다. 모든 데이터는 내 폰에 저장이 되고, 저장한 데이터는 백업 기능을 통해 안전하게 보관할 수 있습니다. 책을...

  • 서울시 대기질 - 미세먼지, 황사, 대기환경정보




    ★☆ 서울시민 필수 어플 ☆★ [서울시 대기질] 앱에서 서울시 대기환경정보를 쉽고 빠르게 확인하세요! 서울시에서 제공하는 대기환경 데이터를 이용하여, 실시간 대기환경 정보 및 예/경보 현황을 보여주는 무료 안드로이드 어플입니다. 서울시의 각 지역구별 대기환경 정보를 제공합니다. ★ 특징 - 서울시 대기 (미세먼지 / 초미세먼지 / 오존 / 일산화탄소 / 이산화질소 / 아황산가스) 정보를 그래프 형식으로 이해하기 쉽게 보여줍니다. - 미세먼지 / 초미세먼지 / 오존 / 황사에 대한 예보 및 경보 현황을 확인할 수...

  • Training Diary




    I'm in the gym after work recently. However, It is an application that was developed I think it is a good idea to record when did you kind of exercise. You can record the day to day what you have movement, and when I open when you exercise Make a note in advance, you will be able to exercise...

  • Boxing Timer (Training Timer)




    # Through continuous updating, the user's needs were reflected.(such as tablet support, background operation, adding preliminary sound) This app is a timer for boxing practice. You can be set the round and training time, break time. Exercise time is displayed red letters, and break time is...

  • Bookmark Manager (Shortcut)




    # App frequently visited websites for easy cleanup! # Many sites provide Mobile App. But many site are not yet. Shortcut app that you can more easily maintain the site. # You can use this shortcut App. 1. Frequently going to the site can be registered in advance. 2. Only the items you want to...

  • CLIP BOOK (Bookmark, Favorite)




    Let's manage bookmarks by one app! King during the end of the Bookmark Manager! CLIP BOOK ♥ I have greatly enhanced the functionality of Bookmark Manager. Now, please be managed all bookmark / favorite by [CLIP BOOK] one app. ★ CLIP BOOK Application's Features * You can be managed...

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