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Skycom Ltd

  • 0800 Wizard

    0800 Wizard




    DON'T PAY up to 41 PENCE PER MINUTE to call FREEPHONE numbers! CALL THEM FOR FREE using your bundled minutes and start saving money today! The 0800 Wizard converts expensive 0800 numbers into local rate 03 numbers allowing you to use your bundled minutes for the calls instead. Calling an...

  • 08 Wizard

    08 Wizard




    Calling 08 numbers on your mobile is expensive. Let us try and help you save money. There is simply no need to spend up to 41 pence per minute calling 0845, 0800, 0844 and 0870 numbers from your mobile anymore. Skycom have developed a money saving app called the '08 Wizard', an app full...

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