• Skype Room Systems Beta




    Polycom Roundtable 100 is a meeting room device that Microsoft and Polycom are jointly building. This app is the mobile companion app which serves as your remote control for the Polycom Roundtable 100 device. The device is not in market right now, and is under testing. You need a Skype for...

  • Skype




    通过Skype免费使用即时消息、语音或视频通话向亲友问好。 全球各地有数百万人正在使用Skype,加入他们时刻与亲朋好友保持联络。 无数功能供您使用,奇妙尽在一掌之间。 功能: - 瞬间找到亲朋好友 - Skype拥有超过2.5亿用户,其中定有您认识的人。 - 轻松畅聊 - 无论您身在何处,使用Skype的免费即时消息功能,只需动动指头即可与好友轻松畅聊。 - 使用Skype尽情通话 - 通过数据套餐*或WiFi连接,即可使用Skype尽情与亲友免费进行语音和视频通话。 - 以低廉费率拨打手机和座机 -...

  • 8.6

    Skype - free IM & video calls




    Skype mobile version. Use your Internet connection to make calls cheaper.

  • 7.0

    Skype Qik: Group Video Chat




    A beautifully designed app for sending 40-second videos to your friends

  • Skype WiFi




    With Skype WiFi you can get online at over 2 million public WiFi hotspots worldwide at the touch of a button. Here’s how: 1.Simply connect to any supported public WiFi hotspot. 2.Open the Skype WiFi app and tap the big green Connect button… 3.Ta-da! You’re now connected to the internet...

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