• PhotoSafe - Gallery Photo Hide

    PhotoSafe - Gallery Photo Hide



    FREE Let's first look at a few user Comments: Robert, HTC Desire S "SuperbGreat app. It even managed to do what I couldn't and find the files I lost when trying to hide them with It's crummy competitor." Shemim, Motorola XT530...

  • PopStar





    Once you start to pop, you can't stop! Now you can save & load your game scenario. ★ The most popular classic game is coming back with all new experiences & design: ✓ New Block Role - 5 Styles. ✓ Save & Load your game scenario. ✓ New UI with Perfect Arts. ✓ New Original Music...

  • Flashlight LED - Fast & Quick

    Flashlight LED - Fast & Quick




    Flashlight! Super Fast! Bright! Simple! Turn your phone into a flashlight via LED, camera flashlight. You can even send SOS signals out. Extremely helpful in lots of situations, like hiking in dark, hunting, camping, etc. Also useful in daily life. Find something in the dark. Give me some...

  • Call History & Log - Hide Pro

    Call History & Log - Hide Pro




    Call Log Protector Call History Protector Protect your call history, protect your privacy! Hide your call log and history. Keep your call log and history in a safe place, top security! Now no one can ever see your call history without your permission. Now you never worry about your data security...

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