• Cat Clock Meow! Widget! 2.0!




    A nice clock that is disguised as a cat. Perfect for your screen! This new and improved version includes: New hour and minute hands! A new style! A new price! Can you even resist these adorable creatures? All proceeds from this app MAY or MAY NOT go to help local cats!

  • The Hipster Test




    Unsure if you are a hipster? Use this test to find out. Simply crack open a PBR, sit down, answer some lifestyle questions, and let this app use a fool-proof algorithm to give you a score.

  • Jersey Shore Fist Pump




    Jersey Shore Fist Pump Challenge: Think you're a true guido? Do you belong at Seaside? Use this app to test your fist pumping skills. You get 30 seconds to prove how much of a fist pump champ you are. Simply turn on your favorite fist-pumping music and pump away.

  • Think Color




    Looking for a challenge? Try this brain-teaser. Match the shape's color to the corresponding answer below. Sound easy? The answers are displayed in ramdom colors that do not match the words, which makes it a challenge. You have 20 seconds to choose as many correct answers as you can. Each...

  • Jersey Shore Nickname




    Ever wonder what your nickname would be at the Jersey Shore? Now you can find out. Simply choose whether you are a Guido or a Guidette, enter your name, and see the results. This is a Jersey Shore nickname generator.

  • Earthquake Simulator




    EARTHQUAKE! Ever wonder what it's like to be in an Earthquake? Now you can! This app features vibrations and sounds just like a real earthquake. It's as easy as 1,2,3! 1) Open app 2) Touch screen 3) Take cover and hold on tight

  • Sheep!




    Baah! Do you love sheep? If you do, this app is for you! Poke the sheep and hear it yell. *New and improved! It works now! If it doesn't make any sound, that means your MEDIA VOLUME isn't turned up.

  • Dog Communicator




    Having trouble communicating with your dog? Use this app to talk to your dog in it's native language. It's as easy as 1,2,3,4! 1) Turn up volume 2) Aim at dog 3) Select command 4) Enjoy the result! NOTE: Results may vary. This app is in the 'Entertainment' category.

  • Cat Controller




    Use this app to communicate with your cat. You can greet, praise, scowl, or command your cat. It uses the latest in feline translation technology communicate with your cat. It's as easy as 1,2,3,4! 1) Turn up volume 2) Aim at cat 3) Select command 4) Enjoy RESULTS MAY VARY. MAKE SURE...

  • Cat Clock Meow! Widget!




    A nice clock that is disguised as a cat. Perfect for your screen!

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