• StackOverflowHelper




    Remember the last time you were stuck with a really tough issue while developing your dream application and you have no idea how to proceed. came to your rescue and provided you the right direction to proceed. This app lets you search for topics based on keywords provided by...

  • StarsBornToday


    This app provides you with the list of movie stars, who were born today. It provides you the picture of the stars and on clicking on the pictures it takes you the detail page on imdb. The app takes the data from the imdb rss feed for the same. Please provide your suggestions and comments to...

  • LetsGoMovies(Beta)




    This app lets you browse though movies currently being played in your locality. The location is determined automatically and the listing is provided. On clicking the poster it provides you with the movie rating and also the theaters playing it. So, this app acts as your local movies and...

  • The Wisdom Speaks




    A simple Widget to kick start your day with brilliant quotes and famous words of wisdom. An awesome collection of wise quotes, words of wisdom, learning & experiences in simple words to help you appreciate each day with more joy and simplicity. The collections include proverbs from all over...

  • AppDiscover




    Discover apps across mutiple app stores. This app connects with and fetches app details from multiple sources. The app lists app as per keywords and lists the found apps. On clicking the items, you will be taken to the store website where more details can be obtained on the...

  • Sms2File




    This is a handy app to convert and store all your SMSs into excel, pdf or html format. Various features includes. 1. Option to include SMSs from inbox and outbox. 2. Grouping of SMSs by Contact or sent/received Date. 3. Filtering SMSs based on a date range or contact(s) is supported for Pdf and...

  • TicTacToeLite




    An age old game and the best app choice for a beginner android developer like me. There is a lot of scope for improvement, so I will be updating the app time to time. I have tried to make this tictactoe the lightest and fastest. Hope you enjoy !!

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