Smartdroid Solutions

  • Reminders & Alarms




    Think of a task and set a reminder, so fast and so easy, that you won’t believe it! Why fill your brain or organizer with unnecessary details when “Reminders in the Cloud” can do it for you with only a few taps? Create reminders at a glance and keep all of your devices synchronized instantly...

  • Unit Converter Currency Rates




    "App of the Day" wrote about "Unit Converter & Currency Rates": "Always be careful when making conversions especially if you work for NASA. The 'Mars Climate Orbiter' was sent some 100 km off course just because imperial pounds hadn't been properly...

  • WiFi Chat & File share Groups




    Do you want to exchange text messages and files (pictures, music, videos, etc) with your friends, family or colleagues quickly, easily and at no cost? “Wi-Fi Groups” is the best way to do it! “Wi-Fi Groups” enables all the devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network to create groups and freely...

  • WiFi File Transfer




    Wi-Fi File Transfer is the instant - easiest and quickest file sharing application, supporting multiple files sharing with multiple devices simultaneously. Connect your devices at a glance and share your files at extra high speeds. Say “goodbye” to complicated Wi-Fi network settings and...

  • Task Finder Task & To Do List




    Task Finder is an ingenious task list and to do list featuring Google Tasks synchronization for multiple accounts, plus a local mode. Keep all your android devices up-to-date with cloud sync through Google Tasks and never again forget a thing. Task Finder also provides location based reminders -...

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