• Viadroid




    Learn how to program a mobile platform on a very simple level, and solve puzzles by finding the right program for every level. This really starts very simple so that everybody should be able to learn how to program the robot. But then it gets really difficult even for those of you who are already...

  • 5.0

    EasyProfiles (Trial)




    EasyProfiles allows you to create different sound/connection/display/actions profiles

  • Display System Settings




    Displays all system settings stored in the system wide preference database. Public settings are indicated by a pen icon, secure ones by a lock icon. This just displays the settings. There is no possibility to edit them! You have the possibility to remove single entries. BE CAREFULL with this...

  • BabyMonitor




    BabyMonitor supervises noise in a room and calls a specified number if a certain alarm level is reached. Moreover BabyMonitor is able to automatically accept calls from the same number. As a result you are able to perform "control calls". This app comes for free: No hidden fees, no...

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